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This Mom's Reaction To Having Twins Is Laugh-Out-Loud Funny

"You're so funny! I don't see it."

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In this viral TikTok video, a mom finds out that she's having twins just five months after giving bi...
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There aren’t many more unexpected surprises for parents than finding out that they are going to have twins. In fact, the news can turn your life upside down in a moment. For one mom, the news was so surprising that she quite literally could not believe it when she found out.

When she posted the video of the hilarious reveal on TikTok, under her popular @hindirlanefamily account, it quickly went viral, garnering over 17 million views. And while viewers feel bad for the mom — who also had a five-month-old baby at the time and is in complete denial — it’s hard not to laugh. Luckily, that’s true for her, too.

“This never stops cracking me up,” she captioned. “The twins are 3yrs old now [and] she was indeed not joking.”

It all starts in the ultrasound room, where a medical professional of some sort is taking a first look at the baby (which turns out to be plural babies).

“Oh! You have twins,” she says as she looks at the screen.

“I’m sorry what?” the mom responds.

“You have twins!

“I’m sorry what?”

That exchanges goes on for a bit, but just when you might think the message gets through, it does not.

“You’re lying,” the mom says. “You’re joking. You’re so funny!” Then a very long pause. “What do you mean?”

“There are two babies right here,” the angelic, patient medical professional says.

“Now, that’s not true,” mom says. “Aren’t babies are supposed to be in different thingies.”

While the ultrasound tech tries to explain, the mom interrupts.

“Oh my god, okay. So you mean like two right? Okay. Uh, at the same time? How do you even push them at the same time?”

“One baby comes out first, then the next one comes out,” says the extremely kind medical professional.

“But twins are like barely in my family,” the mom says, trying to will the twins away.

Then one second later: “I’m kidding we do.”

The medical professional screams. It turns out mom’s sister also has a set of twins.

Down in the comments, TikTokers couldn’t get enough of mom’s denial.

“She’s negotiating with the doctor like she can do something about it,” one person laughed.

"‘I don't see it' whilst looking at the clearest twin scan I've ever seen,” another wrote.

“You got that doc to finally break character at the end,” another said.

“DENIAL is a river in Egypt!!!”

For those worried about how the mom recovered from that shocking moment, you should know that all is well. She’s now a happy mom of four, and if the rest of her TikTok tells a tale, it’s that she’s absolutely thriving. It’s no wonder she and her beautiful family are a popular follow.

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