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25+ Brilliant Names That Mean Gold For Your Little Ray Of Sunshine

Because baby will bring so much richness to your world.

Written by Candace Nagy
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Names that mean gold reflect the warmth and richness babies bring into our lives.

People often refer to babies as a "ray of sunshine," and it's not hard to understand why. The first time your baby smiles at you, when they toddle toward you with their dimpled hands outstretched, when they say their first word (especially if it's "mama") — it all feels like sunshine on your face. OK, maybe not all the time. Admittedly, babies sometimes feel more like little storms of tempers and tears. But they bring so much joy and warmth into our lives that the expression "ray of sunshine" still wins out. When you're trying to come up with a name for your little one, you might want to capture that feel-good, sunny essence. And an easy way to do so is by choosing a name that means gold.

When you consider the definitions for the word gold, this naming inspiration makes even more sense. Merriam-Webster defines gold as a "precious" metal that occurs naturally in "pure form." It also describes gold as "something valued as the finest of its kind." Sounds like babies! If you feel the same, this list of baby names that mean gold might just hold a brilliant moniker for your very own ray of sunshine.



If this name sounds familiar, it's probably because most of us are familiar with the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who was best known for his philosophies on stoicism. Aurelie is a female, French version of his surname that translates to "golden."

This name may also ring a bell because it sounds a lot like Aurora, the name of the Disney princess from Sleeping Beauty. Aurelia has Latin roots in the name Aurelius, and in ancient Rome, this word was also used to refer to someone with golden hair. But whether your baby is a blonde, redhead, or brunette, this name will suit them.



This name comes from Latin origins and means glowing dawn, "one who has deep inner truth” or “gold.”



This boy’s name of Welsh and Celtic origin meaning “gold” is traditionally used for boys. However, the spelling “Auron” has the same meaning, similar pronunciation, and is considered the feminine version.



The anglicized version of the Scottish-Gaelic name Bláan, Blaine (or Blane) is a unisex name meaning "yellow" or "gold." It boasts a fascinating backstory, too. A 6th-century Scottish saint named Saint Bláan is rumored to have miraculously brought a dead boy back to life.



The name Carmela has the girl-next-door quality and meaningful moxie you would want in a name. This name hails from Latin, Hebrew, Spanish and Italian origin and means golden in Hebrew.



This name is just as linguistically magical as it sounds. In Greek, Chinese and Japanese, it means golden flower, which is the perfect name for your special little girl.



Derived from the Greek name Chryseis — meaning “golden” — Cressida is a female, English name that was very popular in medieval England. Shakespeare even wrote a play based on the main players of the epic story Troilus and Cressida.



This girl's name of Spanish and Greek origin means "golden flower" or "chrysanthemum." So pretty! So spring-like!



This unisex name means "golden" in French and was made famous by the French design house of the same name founded by Christian Dior.



Technically, Elio is a boy’s name of Italian origin meaning “sun.” But it’s because of that sunny association that this name has also come to mean “gold.”



Yep, this name comes from the word gilded, which literally translates to "covered in gold." English in origin, it's probably best recognized as Rita Hayworth's character's name in the 1946 noir film Gilda.



A little on-the-nose? Sure. But if you’re looking for a name that means “gold,” you can’t really get much closer than Goldie (the anglicized form of the Yiddish Golde) or Golda.



Quite popular in Hindu culture, this short but meaningful name is synonymous with Lord Buddha and means "gold" — or "golden son" as it's primarily a name for boys. But we think it's a beautiful name for a boy or girl of any cultural or religious background.



This Chinese name is considered gender-neutral. It not only sounds beautiful but means “beautiful” as well as “bright” and “gold.”



Not only is this the name of a river in China, but it also means “magnificence” or “brilliance of gold.”



This strong name comes from Thailand and means “gold.”



Variants of this boy's name can be found all over the world, including Ireland, England, and throughout Africa. And it traces back to the very beginnings of the Greek mythological god Zeus. Kyon was the “golden dog” that protected baby Zeus on the island of Crete.



Are you a Lord of the Rings fan? This name's for you! Author J.R.R. Tolkien created it for the anthology series, giving it the meaning "song of gold." You can't get much cooler than that — especially for a daughter born into a musical (or self-professed nerdy) family.



Flower names have long been popular, but Marigold is one you don't hear as often as names like Rose and Lily. Marigolds belong to the sunflower family and are usually yellow and orange in hue — no wonder this English name means "golden flower." If there was ever a flower name that parents should pick more, Marigold is it.



You don't see this name much anymore, but it was prevalent in the Middle Ages — in fact, it was the fourth most popular name in 12th century Ireland. Considering it means "golden princess," we'd say it deserves a comeback. Bonus: A student named Orla Quirke appears in the Harry Potter series.



Several meanings for this name exist, but arguably the best is "land of gold." Literary types should love its pedigree — it appears in the poem "Orlando Furioso," Handel's opera "Orlando," and perhaps most famously, Shakespeare's As You Like It. Plus, it's the name of a super-fun city in Florida.



If you haven't brushed up on your Spanish lately, this Latin-derived name translates to "gold." Making it even more interesting? It's not a common name and can be spelled in different ways — like Ora, for girls.



The name Natalie is everywhere — why not go for a similar-sounding girl’s name that means “gold”? Well, to be accurate, this French name’s primary meaning is “prosperous in battle.” But over time, the upper-crust moniker came to mean “riches,” “wealth,” and (you guessed it) “gold.”



A gender-neutral name, Paz is a name doubly rich in meaning. Not only does it mean "gold," but it also means "peace." And, well, who wouldn't want more of both of those in their life?



If you want to give your kid a badass name, try Peta. This name of Spanish, Greek, and Indigenous American origin means "golden eagle." Golden eagle. So rad. Although this spelling is traditionally feminine, you could use Peeta (yes, like from Hunger Games) if you want something more gender-neutral.



This boy's name used primarily in the Albanian language means "golden ray." It's derived from reze, meaning ray of light, and ar, meaning gold. And it comes with a built-in nickname: Rez.



Originally from the Slavic name Sophia and the Sanskrit name Soniya, the name Sonia in Hindu culture means "gold" and is as popular in Western countries as it is in the East.



When you finally have your baby in your arms, it'll feel like a dream come true. That's what makes this name so fitting — it means "golden dream."



Let us stop you right in your Wheel of Fortune tracks and inform you that, although admittedly a fitting name for the iconic American TV personality, Vanna is actually of Cambodian origin and means "golden" or "golden colored."



You hardly ever come across someone with an "X" name, so this one is guaranteed to be a conversation starter. Meaning "golden" or "yellow," it's pronounced zan-thee.



Although this name typically shows up as a surname, it also makes a catchy gender-neutral first name. As you might have guessed, it means "golden."

From Aurelie to Zarin and everything in between, names that mean gold perfectly capture the way babies make you feel: like you’ve got your own little golden ray of sunshine.

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