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27+ Names That Mean Night As Stunning & Intriguing As The Evening Sky

You’ll thank your lucky stars for these options.

Written by Brianne Hogan
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Baby names that mean night are full of interest and intrigue, like the night sky itself.

Do you love the magic of night? Maybe you revel in its stillness, or you enjoy admiring the moon. Or perhaps your little one was born at night and even has dark eyes and hair that remind you of a gorgeous night sky. These represent just a few (all good) reasons you may be searching for names that mean night. Naming your baby can be a tricky decision. You want it to be just as special as your new bundle of joy and one that fits them perfectly. Well, choosing something that nods to the night sky could be exactly what you need. That inky expanse above has beauty, intrigue, drama, and wonder galore — all things you'll surely come to associate with your offspring.

There are many different ways to symbolize the night, whether it's stars and constellations, the purity of darkness, or a black sky. You might also go with a name referring to dusk, which everyone can agree is pretty close to nighttime. Names that mean night are wonderfully enigmatic. So, if you suspect one could be the perfect match for your baby, you're probably right. Keep reading to find "night" names that truly stand out.



This handsome name for your handsome son means "long night" in Persian.



This girl’s name means “born in the evening.” An African name, it comes from the Luo language spoken by the Luo people of Kenya and Tanzania.



If you love a pretty rainfall at night, you'll love this lovely Japanese name for your baby girl. It means "night rain.”



An English name, Blake works perfectly as a gender-neutral option (Blake Shelton and Blake Lively, anyone?). Its meaning is “dark," like the night sky.



If you're looking for a name that's out of this world for your little boy, this is it. Derived from the Greek word Kallistos, Callisto is the bright moon of Jupiter seen at night.



This throwback name is due for a comeback! Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon, sometimes went by Cynthia. So, if you’re into the lunar cycle, you might be into this name.



This lovely name comes from Hindi mythology's moon goddess and, appropriately, means "divine, godlike."



This cute and quirky Gaelic name, which means "dark," is an adorable choice for your little boy. And, sure — if you're a longtime fan of The Simpsons, you may also dig the fact that it's the name of Homer's beverage of choice.



This is not only the name of a super cool British music artist, but it is also a name from the cosmos. Estelle has Latin and French roots and means “star.”



There's nothing more awe-inspiring than a "night of the full moon," which is what this stunner of a Hawaiian name means.



This friendly-sounding name originates from the Maori and means "being hidden in darkness," which has a lovely mystic appeal to it.



If you love short and sweet names, the Finnish girl’s moniker Ilta might be just the fit. Meaning “evening,” it’s ideal for a daughter born at night.



A pretty Japanese name that means "stork or night," Koko works especially well if you prefer nicknames over more formal options. It definitely has that fun, unique, short-and-sweet vibe going for it.



This elegant Hebrew name means "night or dark." One of the earliest recorded uses of the name was in the Arabian legend of Qays and Layla — an unrequited love story immensely popular during medieval times. Today, it's associated more with pop culture — thanks to retired boxer and TV personality Laila Ali and songs such as Eric Clapton's "Layla."



An elegant Babylonian name, Lillith means "belonging to the night." Bonus: You can call her "Lilly" for short.



Although this English name technically means “one who lives by the ash tree,” it has nightly connotations — it’s the name of a star in the constellation Sagittarius.



Hey, who says you can't just skip the coded meanings and go straight for the actual word itself? Night is a strong, interesting, gender-neutral name that is bound to turn heads.



Looking for something a little different that's connected to nature? You might love this name for your little girl, which was made famous by Florence Nightingale. You could also use "Night" or "Gale" as nicknames.



This lovely Hindi name meaning "night" makes a lovely choice for little girls. And since it isn’t what you might consider “mainstream,” you won’t have to worry about your daughter having four other Nishas in her preschool class.



A Latin name that comes from Roman mythology, Nox was the name for the Roman goddess of the night. Now, it makes a fun gender-neutral name. How could a kid not be cool with a name like Nox?



This French name, which means "night," is a darling choice for your little one. You won't help but say, "Bonne nuit!" ("Good night!" in French.)



Remember how Nox was the name of the Roman goddess of the moon? Well, Nyx is the Greek equivalent. This name, which means "night," serves as a sleek and sophisticated choice for your child.



Orpheus was the name of the iconic Greek poet and musician whose words and music were so beautiful that they supposedly made trees "dance" and rivers stop flowing just to listen. So, if you're looking for a powerful name for your little boy, you'll love this classic. It means "the darkness of night."



Who doesn't love an "evening conversation"? That's exactly what this Arabic name means. Although still not common, Samar is growing in popularity by the year. Snag it now so you can say you loved it before it became trendy.



Similar to Samar, this Arabic name means "evening conversationalist" and is well-suited for your pretty little chatterbox.



This name is the perfect British name for your bouncing ball of joy. Twyla means twilight or early evening. Like your baby's birth, twilight is the brightest part of the evening.



Are you a big James Bond fan? If so, it's interesting to know that this elegant name of a memorable Bond character means "evening.” Although used for a woman in the Bond franchise, it could easily work as a gender-neutral option.



Don't you just adore cute, short names? Easy to remember, fun to say, destined to get all kinds of compliments — what's not to like about the Japanese name Yoru? It means "dark night."


Every now and then, a name comes along that makes you think it could alter the course of a kid's life if they were given it. The Finnish name Yö is one of those monikers. It just sounds so... cool. A kid named Yö feels like a kid that's going to do wildly interesting things in this world.

There could be many reasons you’re considering names that mean night for your child. As you can tell, there’s no shortage of beautiful options. From short and simple to total conversation starters, there’s a night-inspired name here for everyone.

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