9 Best Stargazing Tools To Inspire Your Little Constellation-Loving Space Cadet

by Yelena Moroz Alpert
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Constellation Globe Kids

Even if a road trip to a National Park is not on your radar this summer, you can make like Galileo and introduce your kiddos to backyard stargazing with these awesome space toys for kids—from a telescope to a constellation globe—even the most indoor loving kids will get psyched to get outside at night. (Any kiddo will agree that staying up past their bedtime, all in the name of learning about constellations and stargazing, is a real treat.)

Don’t fret if you’re worried that the night sky looks like your kitchen floor after a toddler eating Rice Krispies. That’s the whole point of stargazing. Searching for a constellation is as exciting for kids as it is for parents. We might not be traveling much on freeways, but no one will stop you from journeying to the Milky Way. And the thrill of finding the Big Dipper can be as delightful as pulling out a prize from a cereal box. And teachers will agree—stargazing definitely counts as part of your homeschooling lesson plan!

But I live in a big city with a sh*t load of light pollution and a teeny-tiny balcony (if that), you might say! No (dark) matter (ha). We found space toys for kids that will transform any bedroom into a galaxy far, far away. At the very best, these STEM toys will incite curiosity about space, at the very least, the soothing glow of the constellation projector makes a kick-ass nightlight.

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Now make like Mae Jemison and reach for the stars. Looking for more kids toys? We’ve got ’em.


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