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30+ Names That Mean Truth To Imbue Your Baby With Honesty

It is a virtue, after all.

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Truth is a wonderful virtue that we all could use a little more of in the world. A truthful person is honest, loyal, and trustworthy. Not to mention someone who understands their values and morals and isn’t afraid to speak up for themselves and others. Who doesn’t wish for their little one to grow up to be someone who not only speaks the truth but stands in their truth? For these reasons, you might be considering names that mean truth for your new bundle of joy. Selecting a name is a big deal when you become a parent, and obviously, you want to make the right decision for your little one. Choosing a meaningful name can only set your baby on the right path — one that will bring them closer to their truth.

If you’re looking for names that reflect this coveted trait, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of our favorites.

Best Baby Names That Mean Truth

1. Abdul Haq

This Arabic name means servant of truth. It's a unique two-part name that has Islamic roots.

2. Accerly

This distinctive old English name not only means meadow of oak trees but is used to describe a hopeful and truth-loving person.

3. Alason

This Scottish boy’s name comes from the Greek word for “Allison” and translates to “truth, honest, trustworthy, and honorable.” And if you’re interested in the name Allison? As you might have guessed, that also means truth.

4. Alethea

This regal Greek name for a girl means “truthful one, honest,” or simply “truth.” And if it sounds royal, that’s because there was a Greek goddess named Aletha who symbolized, yep, truth.

5. Alette

A cute feminine name of Greek, Latin, and French origin that means “truth,” “verity,” and “small-winged one.” How charming!

6. Alice

This darling name is definitely a throwback. However, it’s an oldie-but-a-goodie type of a name that means “truth, gracious, and reality.”

7. Alveera

This charming name almost sounds like the name of a flower. It has Arabic roots and means sweet, speaker of truth or truth.

8. Aminah

You can’t get much prettier than this Arabic girl’s name meaning “honest” and “faithful.” Although still rare, it has been growing in popularity in the U.S., even reaching the Top 1000 in 2015.

9. Arachne

Are you obsessed with all things creepy? Arachne might be the name for your future babe — it means “spider” in Greek. It’s also the name in Greek mythology of a woman who bested goddess Athena in a weaving competition. Before doing so, she said she only spoke the truth when proclaiming she was the best weaver (which did, in fact, turn out to be true!).

10. Arash

This powerful boy’s name originates from Persian mythology about a heroic archer who shot an arrow with such power that it was airborne for days. No wonder it means “truthfulness,” “hero,” and “bright.”

11. Axiom

If you want a name that’s a little nerdy, a little rock ‘n roll, look no further! Of Greek origin, Axiom means “statement of truth” and just begs to be shortened to the oh-so-rad nickname of Ax.

12. Caracy

This English name means “well-spoken, truthful, and kind-hearted person” and has a built-in nickname: Cara.

13. Daishin

This beautiful Buddhist name for your little boy is sure to help him stand out from the crowd as it means “truthful,” “great truth,” “boundless reality,” and “one who has a pure soul.”

14. Deanda

Deanda is a feminine name for a very serious soul since it means “one who has deep truths hidden inside.” Although, if that’s any indication of her personality, you might want to get her to share a bit more with you.

15. Dharma

If you’re thinking of the popular sitcom Dharma & Greg upon hearing this name, then you’re on the right track. The girl’s name is of Sanskrit (Hindu) origin, means “truth,” and essentially speaks to the truth of our cosmic existence.

16. Effe

This firecracker of a girl’s name means “well-spoken; one who tells the truth,” which is what you desire in a child. Hey, someone’s gotta be the tattletale!

17. Emmett

This gender-neutral name of Hebrew, German, and English origin means “truth, universal.” And although it’s been around awhile, it really took off in popularity thanks to the popular character of the same name in the Twilight series.

18. Ernest

Turns out your uncle Ernest had a powerful name of English and German origin that means “truth” in German and “serious and determined” in English. Just think how cute it would be to have a little boy with the nickname “Ernie.”

19. Farouk

This mighty Arabic name means “truthful boy” and has a royal connection through Farouk of Egypt, the king of Egypt and Sudan. (If you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan, you’ll recognize this as the name of Megan Hunt’s son and Dr. Owen Hunt’s nephew.)

20. Gotye

Although the exact meaning and origin of this name are unknown, Gotye may reportedly be of Hindu origin and mean “one who loves to live an honest and truthful life.” However, it’s mostly associated with singer-songwriter Wouter De Backer, who uses it as his stage name. He reportedly chose it because it is the pronunciation spelling of “Gauthier,” the French cognate of his Dutch given name (“Wouter”).

21. Gowan

Although it technically means “smith” or “ironworker,” this name of Scottish origin is said to be perfect for people who have a deep desire to understand the world around them and learn deeper truths.

22. Honesty

A pretty girl’s name that says it all (“truthfulness”) and speaks to someone genuine and honest.

23. Justin

Whether you’re a fan of Bieber or Timberlake, this name with English and French origins means “just,” “righteous,” or fair,” all of which are connected to being truthful and speaking one’s truth.

24. Jun

There’s a lot to love about this gender-neutral Japanese name. For starters, it’s super unique and sounds interesting. Also, it can be written using many different kanji characters and mean several things, from “pure” and “truth” to “falcon.”

25. Leal

From the Old French “leial,” this charming name means “true, loyal, and faithful.” Which, we can all agree, are qualities any parent would want for their child.

26. Leyna

An elegant girl name from Greek origins that means “truth.” Alternate meanings of the name include “sunray” and “shining light,” making this an excellent moniker for a happy baby.

27. Maemi

Prepare to have your heart melted: This name of Japanese origin means “smile of truth.” Can you just picture that baby’s sweet gummy grin now?

28. Makoto

Meaning “sincerity, truth,” this gender-neutral name of Japanese origin definitely gives off cool vibes. Fun fact: It’s a name that many athletes and musicians share, such as famed anime director Makoto Shinkai.

29. Miyu

This sweet girl’s name is from Japan with the loveliest meaning: “beautiful” and “truthful.”

30. Sassi

Well, this is fun, right? Not only does it sound, you know, sassy, but it also means “true.” Adding to its interest, Sassi is said to mean “little stones” in Brazilian.

31. Sojourner

Although the name Sojourner itself doesn’t mean “truth” (it means “to stay a while”), it instantly conjures up images of women’s rights activist Sojourner Truth — and what an amazing namesake!

32. Trig

This cute boy’s name is of Norse origin and means “true.” It’s also short for trigonometry, which might mean your kid will be a math genius too.

33. Trueley

This is a pretty girl’s name that is of English origin and means “one with the truth.” It’s a soft name with a strong meaning.

34. Truman

Truman is a boy’s name of English origin that means “loyal one” and symbolizes truth and honor. It’s also a nod to one of Jim Carrey’s best movies, The Truman Show.

35. Verity

A girl’s name that means “truth,” Verity just sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Bonus: If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you may remember this name’s brief cameo as a witch and shop assistant who worked for Fred and George Weasley in Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes.

36. Zaya

A form of Zayah, you may recognize this name for a famous figure: Dwayne Wade’s amazing oldest daughter Zaya. The name, which rhymes with Maya, means “honest” and “hope” as well as “a woman who wins.”

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