Christina Crawford

Christina Crawford is a Dallas-based writer, guacamole enthusiast, and mom to three feral little boys. She spends her days putting out fires (actual and metaphorical) and trying to keep goldfish alive. Her words have appeared in Newsweek, HuffPost, Health Magazine, Parents, Scary Mommy, Today Show Parents, and more. You can follow along on Twitter where she writes (questionably) funny anecdotes about her life at @Xtina_Crawford

We'll miss you

It’s Hard To Say Goodbye To Teachers

I’m wrestling with a sense of loss as we bid our teachers farewell.

mom code

Welcome To Motherhood, Here Are The Mom Group Rules

Like bro code, but even more essential.

What To Do

I Always Thought I’d Proudly Rock Gray Hair — Boy Was I Wrong

As much as I want to like my gray, the truth is I despise it.

hard roads

Infertility Took A Brutal Toll On Me, But Here's What I've Learned

I have a reverence for how it shaped me as a person and, eventually, as a mother.

Honestly, It's Ridic

Why Do Children Lose Interest In Toys So Quickly? It’s Complicated, Say Psychologists

They go from “gotta have it” to “I’m bored” in record time.

I'm good

I Quit Drinking When I Had Kids And Man I’m Glad

Since becoming sober, I’ve experienced profoundly positive effects on my mind, body, and behavior.

Not an Insult

My Kid Called Me Strict — And I’m Actually Thrilled

His comment backfired; I secretly high-fived myself.

Mini Me

Parenting A Deeply Feeling Kid Is Complicated

Especially if you're a deeply feeling adult.


I Want Another Kid, And My Husband Doesn’t

How in the world are we supposed to resolve this one?

Holiday Wishes

As An Only Child, I Miss Big Family Gatherings At The Holidays

I miss the siblings I never had.

i'm out

I'm Teaching My Kids To Be Quitters. Here's Why.

The trick, I’ve learned, is to know when to dig deeper or when to quit digging altogether.

Mom Friends

You Don’t Just Need Mom Friends — You Need Mom Friends Of All Ages

What I’ve learned from them has completely changed my outlook and the way I parent.


My Baby Almost Drowned In Our Backyard Hot Tub


Our Kids Will Be Learning Lessons So Much Bigger Than Academics This Year


The Pandemic Has Turned Me Into Someone I Barely Recognize


Why The Back-To-School Decision Is A Touchy Subject For Parents


'My Kids Will Never Act Like That' And Other Ridiculous Things I Said