Diana Park

turning the page

I Finally Forgave My Mom

ByDiana Park

For the sake of my health, I moved on.

gray zone of unresolved feelings

We Didn’t Go To Counseling & I Regret It

ByDiana Park

Maybe it would have saved our marriage.

Yup, it all sucks

My Teenager Is Becoming An Adult. It’s Hard To Watch.

ByDiana Park

Yup, I hate adulting too but we gotta teach our kids life skills.


My Entire World Changed Once I Realized I Didn’t Need A Man To Take Care Of Me

ByDiana Park

I had such a clear picture of my life — and then it all went sideways.

Filtered Life

Teaching My Daughter That Most Of What She Sees Online Isn’t Real Feels Impossible

ByDiana Park

It got to be a real concern way faster than I ever anticipated.

It takes time

Don’t Worry If Your High Schooler Doesn’t Have Much Of A Social Life

ByDiana Park

Sometimes they just haven’t found their group.

Just listen

Please Just Keep Your Mouth Shut When Your Friends Rant About Their Partners

ByDiana Park

A listening ear goes a super long way.

Confession Time

It Sucks To Watch My Ex Take Our Kids On Fancy Vacations

ByDiana Park

But I have to keep my mouth shut.

Sounds perfect

My Kids Can Live At Home For As Long As They Want

ByDiana Park

I don’t care about other people’s opinions; we are happy together as-is.

dry spell

I Haven’t Had Sex In A Year & I’m Not Okay

ByDiana Park

I’ll be honest, if this dry spell continues much longer, I might start entertaining the idea of bad sex.

no more

I’m Teaching My Kids That Nobody Gets To Treat Them Like Crap

ByDiana Park

My family has routinely crossed the line and the boundaries I have set.

life choices

My Kids Don’t Want Kids & I Have A Lot Of Feelings

ByDiana Park

I always assumed I’d be a grandma one day — but maybe not.

Miss You Most

I Don’t Miss My Ex... Except At Christmas

ByDiana Park

The holidays are a reminder of what I don’t have anymore.

Growing apart

Sometimes You Just Gotta Cut A Friend Loose

ByDiana Park

I’ve learned to let people go.

this is exhausting

Single Parents Don’t Get A Break

ByDiana Park

I felt like the default parent when I was married; nothing has changed now that I’m divorced.


Nope, I’m Not Going To Your House For The Holidays

ByDiana Park

I don’t care if I’m “supposed to.” I’m staying put.

So tough

It’s Really Hard To Shield Your Kids From Toxic Family Drama

ByDiana Park

It’s been hard to watch.


I Need My Sister To Keep Her Parenting Opinions To Herself

ByDiana Park

Don’t cross this boundary.

go girl

You Gotta Teach Your Kid To Stick Up For Themselves

ByDiana Park

It took me till my mid-forties to learn that lesson.

bitter pill

It’s Just Plain Hard To Watch My Face Age

ByDiana Park

And honestly, it’s hurting my mental health.