Diana Park
Not Easy

My Kid Is Really Struggling With The High School Drama

Sure, I know she’ll be outta there soon enough — but that doesn’t make it any easier.


Nobody Told Me How Lonely Perimenopause Would Feel

Nobody gets it, except for those who are there, too.


My Mom Is Toxic, And It's Shaped My Relationship With My Daughter

I will never make her feel like she’s a burden or too much.


Texting Your Teen To Get Them To Open Up Works, Trust Me

I can’t lie — this was frustrating for me to discover.


My Daughter Has Big Boobs, So What?

I will continue to encourage her to wear whatever she wants.


My Ex MIL Taught Me All The Ways Not To Be A Good MIL

The goal is to stay close with your kids, not push them away by being a jerk to their partner.

Be patient with yourself

I Completely Lost My Libido Post-Kids

I felt like sex was something I was expected to do, but I wasn’t ready.


My Daughter Isn’t Like Me. And I’m Learning To Be Okay With That

Parenting isn’t about making your kids into anybody other than themselves.

Hard Lessons

I'm Glad My Daughter Got Caught Shoplifting

I asked her why she did it, and she shrugged her shoulders.

Deserve A Day

Mother’s Day Is My Day, It’s Not For My Mom Or MIL

They’re not in the trenches, we are, and we deserve a day that’s just for us.


I Kept My Sister-In-Law In The Divorce

She never made me feel like our relationship needed to end just because the marriage did.

Pick Your Battles

My Son Smokes Weed And I’m Not Doing Much About It

I’m not thrilled, but I’d rather have him smoke weed than drink any day.

You got this

Sex After Divorce Is Messy, But It Sure Is Fun

I wanted to get laid, and I did — but the wave of feelings that followed surprised me.


I Hate Watching My Teen Deal With Heartbreak


I’m About Done With My Partner’s Snoring


4 Ways To End A Friendship That No Longer Brings You Joy


I Crapped My Pants While Running -- And It Was As Awful As It Sounds


Teens Are Dating Exclusively Via Social Media: Here's What Parents Should Know


I Took My Teens' Cell Phones Away At Night — And Noticed A Huge Difference


I Can’t Stand My Kid’s Best Friend's Mom