Diana Park

Diana Park is a writer who finds solitude in a good book, the ocean, and eating fast food with her kids.


My Best Friend's Mom Taught Me The Most Important Parenting Lesson

My mom’s toxic — but this woman taught me a better way.


I Don't Regret Telling My Kids All About My Dating Life

I think it’s important to show my teenagers what consent looks like through my experiences.

Save your Money

Refusing To Buy My Teen Super Pricey Bras Has Taught Her A Valuable Lesson

Remember those Guess jeans our parents refused to buy? Well, the shoe is on the other foot now.

Not Today

Setting And Maintaining Boundaries With My Mother Never Ends

I had no idea this would be a lifelong struggle.


Good God, Teens Really Are Moody

Here’s how I’ve learned to deal with it.

Sex Ed

The One Thing Your Teen Needs From You If They Are Having Sex

I just want my kids to be comfortable coming to me.

Toxic Positivity

The Phrase ‘You've Got This’ Needs To Die

I’m so sick of hearing this stupid phrase.

So how do we do this?

When You And Your Ex Disagree About Christmas

Communicating with each other took out any kind of secret competition.

Let them handle it

I Don’t Check My Kids’ Grades In The Parent Portal And I’m Not Gonna Start

I’m teaching my teens responsibility — it’s up to them to catch up and ask for help if they are struggling.


I Used To Worry Whether My Kids Liked Me. Not Anymore.

Being likable is not my job.

No Thank You

I’m The Mom Who Doesn’t Drink And Oh Man Do I Feel Judged

I stopped drinking when I had kids because I felt groggy, tired, and unmotivated. And wow, people have feelings.

Not Easy

My Kid Is Really Struggling With The High School Drama

Sure, I know she’ll be outta there soon enough — but that doesn’t make it any easier.


Nobody Told Me How Lonely Perimenopause Would Feel

Nobody gets it, except for those who are there, too.


My Mom Is Toxic, And It's Shaped My Relationship With My Daughter

I will never make her feel like she’s a burden or too much.


Texting Your Teen To Get Them To Open Up Works, Trust Me

I can’t lie — this was frustrating for me to discover.


My Daughter Has Big Boobs, So What?

I will continue to encourage her to wear whatever she wants.


My Ex MIL Taught Me All The Ways Not To Be A Good MIL

The goal is to stay close with your kids, not push them away by being a jerk to their partner.

Be patient with yourself

I Completely Lost My Libido Post-Kids

I felt like sex was something I was expected to do, but I wasn’t ready.


My Daughter Isn’t Like Me. And I’m Learning To Be Okay With That

Parenting isn’t about making your kids into anybody other than themselves.

Hard Lessons

I'm Glad My Daughter Got Caught Shoplifting

I asked her why she did it, and she shrugged her shoulders.