Childhood Legend Raffi Cavoukian Is Getting The Podcast Treatment

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Childhood legend Raffi Cavoukian is now the subject of his own 10-part podcast, so you can learn more about the man behind “Baby Beluga”

As one of the most legendary folk musicians of all time, you’re absolutely familiar with Raffi Cavoukian’s classics like “Baby Beluga” and “Down by the Bay.” But if you don’t know much about the man behind the music, you’re officially in luck, because Cavoukian is getting the podcast treatment, giving insight into his life as a storyteller, singer-songwriter, and impassioned activist.

A partnership between iHeartMedia and Fatherly, Finding Raffi is a 10-part series that will be hosted by comedian Chris Garcia, who will “trace Raffi’s life from aspiring folk singer to international kids’ superstar to outspoken activist for climate action and a child-centric world.”

Ahead of its official launch on January 18, the podcast promises to dive deeper into Cavoukian’s life and legacy, from finding his identity as a Canadian born in Egypt and with Armenian roots to his hopes for kids of today and the future, and that they will live in a world that is more equitable, fair, and caring.

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Cavoukian and his music and messaging have long resonated with children around the world, as well as their parents, who continue to pass his work along through generations. Cavoukian says, “Children are the most reasonable people I know. Their days are spent trying to make sense of the world, searching for meaning, figuring things out. Their perception is magical, and their questions are intelligent quests for understanding.”

The podcast will include performances and interviews from Cavoukian and those who have been inspired by his decades-long legacy as one of the most beloved figures in children’s pop culture. Throughout his career, he has maintained a commitment to fostering the most important needs of young people from all over the globe, while also hoping to remind adults that it is our duty to create a safe, sustainable planet for future generations. Part of his work involves advocating for “child honoring,” which “calls for a profound redesign of every sphere of society,” starting with, of course, protecting, caring for, and nurturing our littlest ones as best as possible.

Finding Raffi is Fatherly‘s follow-up to the Peabody-nominated Finding Fred podcast, which chronicled fellow childhood legend Fred Rogers. Garcia also hosts Scattered, a podcast about his own father, a Cuban emigrant, as he navigates a dementia diagnosis.

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