30+ Winter Date Ideas To Keep It Fun, Quarantine-And-All

30+ Winter Date Ideas That Are More Cozy And Less Cheesy

November 13, 2019 Updated February 8, 2021

winter date ideas
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Winters don’t have to be cold and depressing, especially when there’s love in the air. In fact, the coziness that winter demands can bring couples closer together in more ways than one. If you’re having a hard time deciding on date ideas for winter, whether it’s your first date or your hundredth, we’ve got your covered. As we are approaching one year in the quarantine, we rounded up some safe date ideas for you and your SO.

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  1. Take a walk outside, before the snow turned into a brown slush.
  2. Make snowmen (and women!) and snow angels.
  3. Throw an indoor picnic and create a special theme. Maybe it’s based on a TV show you’ve recently watched, or a silly joke you both love.
  4. Sign up for an online cooking class.
  5. Make some hot cocoa and cozy up by the fire, and read to each other. (Bonus if it’s poetry.)
  6. Go ice skating.
  7. Decorate a Christmas tree together.
  8. Have a board game date either chez toi.
  9. Have a Netflix movie marathon with your fave winter rom-coms, like Love Actually and Sleepless in Seattle.
  10. Go sledding.
  11. Build and decorate a gingerbread house together — and try not to eat it while you’re doing it.
  12. Attend a fun online fitness class together.
  13. Catch an improv or comedy show online.
  14. Bake cookies for a virtual cookie exchange with friends.

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  15. Go on a winter hike.
  16. Learn how to make pasta from scratch.
  17. Create your own escape room game.
  18. Get busy with some fun puzzle games.
  19. Or just get busy!