Never Ask Permission To Spend Money


Never Ask Permission To Spend Money

by Team Scary Mommy
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Our hilarious pairs are at it again but this time debating money and the invisible workload of motherhood. Well, it must be invisible because no one seems to see the cup sitting on the counter or the laundry piling up. Moms do a lot of work they’re not being paid for. Laundry takes time! Cooking? We have other things we could be doing. If we figured out the time we spent, plus an hourly wage, we’d be millionaires. Okay, maybe not millionaires but moms would make a pretty great salary.

In this episode of The Dilemma, we tackle the following questions: Should you tell your partner how much money you spend or just beg for forgiveness? (We say just spend it, you deserve it.) Do you like cold, hard cash or are you a ‘debit card’ type of person? What about balancing a checkbook? (Truth be told, we haven’t used a checkbook in a long time.) Online banking, anyone? We want to know where you stand on these issues. Tell us what you think by heading over to YouTube. Leave us a comment and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any episode.

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The Dilemma is just that — a dilemma that begs to be solved. In this series, our pairs take on topics like: pooping in public, kids and social media, and text etiquette. Whether it’s a kid versus a grandma or a single guy versus a seasoned mom, this diverse real cast goes at it and leaves us all laughing.


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