75+ Romanian Last Names And Their Historic Meanings

75+ Romanian Last Names And Their Historic Origins

June 28, 2021 Updated September 22, 2021

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First names may get all of the attention and glory when it comes to baby names, but it’s a surname that can tell a story about a person’s history when it comes right down to it. It’s a significant indicator of a person’s origin and is an essential part of their identity — which is understandably why some women choose not to change their name after marriage. If you’ve ever done a deep dive into your last name and discovered some interesting facts along the way, you may be hungry for more details. Each culture comes with its rich history and naming traditions, and may leave you asking some questions. Like, why do Russian last names follow a patronymic convention, how many different peoples do Mexican last names represent, and what are the deeper meanings of the most popular Korean surnames?

Take Romanian last names, for example. They have a fascinating history and contain many surnames with Slavic origins — names you may have heard before. Did you know many notable American writers, scientists, and even celebrities have Romanian roots? Hollywood greats like Winona Ryder, Natalie Portman, and Lauren Bacall also have Romanian roots. Marvel fans may be surprised to learn that a certain bad boy turned superhero falls into that category. Sebastian Stan, who is best known for playing Bucky Barnes, aka the one and only Winter Soldier, was born in Constanta, located in Romania’s southeastern part.

But those are just a few examples of Romania’s rich ancestral lineage. There are a lot of popular Romanian surnames that you may recognize — and even if you don’t, well, it’s still fun to learn about nonetheless, right? 

We rounded up the most common Romanian last names and their meanings, but, as you can imagine, the list of names could go on and on. Some are more common than others, but they all have a story to tell and may very well help you to better appreciate your last name, along with its unique and special origins. It’s a big part of what makes you, you. And that is something worth appreciating.

  1. Albescu
    Meaning: White.
  2. Albu
    Meaning: White (derived from the word “alb”).
  3. Aldea
    Meaning: Village.
  4. Andrei
    Meaning: Romanian iteration of the name Andrew.
  5. Ardelean
    Meaning: The Romanian term for the region of Transylvania.
  6. Baciu
    Meaning: Shepard.
  7. Balan
    Meaning: Blonde, also a town in Romania.
  8. Barbaneagra
    Meaning: Black beard.
  9. Barbu
    Meaning: Bushy beard.
  10. Bogdan
    Meaning: God-given, or gift of God.
  11. Botezatu
    Meaning: Baptized.
  12. Bucur
    Meaning: Happiness, delight, or joy.
  13. Camelia
    Meaning: A type of flower.
  14. Cazacu
    Meaning: Someone who lives along the river Cazacu.
  15. Cel Tradat
    Meaning: The betrayed one.
  16. Ciobanu
    Meaning: Occupational name for shepherd.
  17. Codrin
    Meaning: The woods. 
  18. Cojocaru
    Meaning: Sheepskin.
  19. Craioveanue
    Meaning: Someone from the Romanian city Craiova.
  20. Creţu
    Meaning: Curly.
  21. Cristian
    Meaning: This is the Romanian word for the name Christian, which means “a Christian.”
  22. Dalca
    Meaning: Lightning.
  23.  Darius
    Meaning: Possessing goodness.
  24. Dascălu
    Meaning: Teacher, schoolmaster.
  25. Erner
    Meaning: Serbian.
  26. Fieraru
    Meaning: Smith, occupational name for blacksmiths, goldsmiths, etc.
  27. Fischer
    Meaning: Fisherman (in German).
  28. Floarea
    Meaning: Flower.
  29. Funar
    Meaning: Rope maker.
  30. Grigorescu
    Meaning: Son of Grigore.
  31. Gheata
    Meaning: Ice.
  32. Grosu
    Meaning: Thick, coarse, or bulky.
  33. Hatmanu
    Meaning: This is an occupational last name that means General.
  34. Hofer
    Meaning: Steward.
  35. Iliescu
    Meaning: Son of Ilie.
  36. Ionescu
    Meaning: Son of Ion.
  37. Iordanescu
    Meaning: “Jordan’s son.”
  38. Ioveanu
    Meaning: Son of Ivan.
  39. Laurentiu
    Meaning: From Laurentum
  40. Lazarescu
    Meaning: Son of Lazar.
  41. Luca
    Meaning: The Romanian version of Luke.
  42. Luminița
    Meaning: Light or faint light.
  43. Lupu
    Meaning: Wolf.
  44. Maier/Mayer
    Meaning: Farmer.
  45. Marcu
    Meaning: Romanian form of Marcus.
  46. Matei
    Meaning: Romanian form of Matthew or a gift.
  47. Mitrea
    Meaning: Administrator.
  48. Muller
    Meaning: Miller.
  49. Nectaria
    Meaning: Nectar.
  50. Net
    Meaning: Superior.
  51. Nicolae/Niculaie
    Meaning: Romanian form of Nicholas or victory of the people.
  52. Nicolescu
    Meaning: Son of Nicolae.
  53. Olarescu
    Meaning: Son of Olaru.
  54. Popa
    Meaning: Priest or pastor.
  55. Pichler
    Meaning: People who live near a hill.
  56. Radu
    Meaning: Happy.
  57. Roşu
    Meaning: Red.
  58. Sandu
    Meaning: Defender of humanity.
  59. Sebastian
    Meaning: A common surname and also the last name of a famous saint. It means venerable.
  60. Stefan
    Meaning: Stephen.
  61. Suta
    Meaning: Left-handed.
  62. Tarniceriu
    Meaning: Saddler.
  63. Ungureanu
    Meaning: Hungarian.
  64. Vaduva
    Meaning: Widow.
  65. Vulpe
    Meaning: Fox.
  66. Weber
    Meaning: Weaver; stems from German origins.
  67. Zamfir
    Meaning: Sapphire, which is the name for a jeweler.
  68. Zugravescu
    Meaning: Portray or depict.

Romanian Vampire Last Names

Did you know Dracula is from Transylvania, which is in Romania? These surnames below could have very well been his last name! So if youre looking for a Romanian last name with a spooky and immortal ring to it, try these vampire-inspired surnames. 

  1. Acheron
    Meaning: River of woe or sorrow.
  2. Ambrosia
    Meaning: Immortal.
  3. Aldonold
    Meaning: Friend.
  4. Alnwick
    Meaning: Dairy farm.
  5. Arnold
    Meaning: Eagle.
  6. Athanasia
    Meaning: Immortal.
  7. Bancroft
    Meaning: Dweller by the bean field.
  8. Bathory
    Meaning: “Son of.”
  9. Celeste
    Meaning: Heavenly.
  10. Crimson
    Meaning: Dark red color.