This Hilarious Video Will Have You Cracking Up Over The Advice Kids Have For The New Royal Baby


If there’s one thing we love, it’s the royal kids. Those hats! The adorable outfits! The perfect hair! That’s why we’re pumped about The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (or as we like to call them, Harry and Meghan) having their first baby. But no matter how royal, parenting is pretty much the same for all of us, so you know they’re going to need some solid parenting info.

Boppy, the makers of our favorite nursing pillows and baby carrier, has been chosen as the official patron and exclusive nursing pillow and baby carrier partner of the upcoming Our Royal Baby commemorative album. In preparation for the birth of the royal baby, Boppy went directly to the source to get the lowdown on the latest parenting trends for the royal couple. They met with some recently parented kids to ask their advice for the royal parents and the results are adorably hilarious.

So how do you fix a crying baby? You ride in like a majestic hero, is how.

There’s some legacy behind royal baby names, so what name would really reflect the rich history of the past?

How many children should Harry and Meghan have to feed our love of all things royal?

What’s the best parenting advice in the universe, because those royal beds have to be extra-cozy?

And what’s the very first thing the royal family will need to teach the baby to do?

You can watch the entire hilarious video here:

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