This 'Schitt's Creek' 2020 Recap Is So Spot-On It Hurts

by Julie Scagell

Each month’s emotions are perfectly captured by our favorite “Schitt’s Creek” characters

We’ve all seen the 2020 “How it Started” and “How it’s Going” memes and photos popping up online. 2020 has been a complete and utter disaster for so many of us that sometimes (many times) we need to laugh to avoid crying for the hundredth time in a week. Leave it to Schitt’s Creek to come in clutch and deliver a video montage of our exact emotions every month of this long, awful year.

Twitter page Schitt’s Creek (Pop) recently posted a hilariously accurate video including some of our favorite character’s lines describing the emotions we’ve all felt during this pandemic year. Simply captioning the video, “Ew, 2020” this 2020 recap is absolute perfection.

January starts off innocently enough because none of us knew the complete dumpster fire that would be headed our direction in just a few short weeks. The cast is singing and dancing, not a care in the world. By February, David chimes in wondering why he’s feeling “this deep, aching sense of dread,” and we can only watch and nod our heads collectively.


In March, Moira tries to rally the troops by “championing oneself” and claiming that, “I am ready for this.” Oh, Moira, you are many things but you are not remotely ready for what this year has in store. April and May are spent finding new ways to entertain ourselves and slamming stiff drinks because OMG is this really happening? Schools are closed and restaurants shut down and what seemed like would only last a few short weeks is suddenly becoming a much longer reality.


Thank all that is holy for shows like Schitt’s Creek that help us get through life. This montage is possible because the show is all of us who have struggled and come out the other side relatively normally. The characters are everything that’s good in this world and one of the highlights of this year was that the show got the recognition it deserved, winning nine Emmys.


The video continues through the summer months where plans are pending, people are popping pills and napping to get through the day, and crying which sounds pretty accurate to me. By September, shit has gotten real and people are entering back into quarantine periods. Stevie comes in clutch in November with, “what the flying fuck is going on here,” and Moira finishes the year strong with an ominous, “And so it begins again.”

None of know what’s in store for 2021 but at least we have the Schitt’s Creek series to watch over and over until this all goes away.