Elmo's Dad Reminds Parents To Take Time For Themselves During Quarantine

by Valerie Williams
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Elmo's Dad Reminds Parents To Take Time For Themselves During Quarantine
Sesame Street/Youtube

Sesame Street rolls out PSA reminding quarantine-exhausted parents that they matter too

As we learn to navigate our new normal amid coronavirus-related quarantine, a familiar voice is telling us parents that we’re doing a good job. Honestly, it’s more needed than ever as we try to figure out how to work from home, teach from home, fully exist from home, all while taking panicky trips to the grocery store with face masks on. The entire thing is so unprecedented and surreal, which makes this comforting Sesame Street PSA to parents all the more welcome.

While we do our best to keep kids entertained, educated, and not fully glued to their screens, Sesame Street is recognizing the struggle. The short video depicts Elmo‘s dad Louie taking a much-needed breather from his whiny kiddo, who is asking him to help build a fort.

“It is wonderful to be able to spend so much time with our children, but it can also be a bit overwhelming,” he says. “So I just wanted to say, parents, you are doing an amazing job. Remember though, it’s important to take some time for yourself. You know, take care of you. Listen to your favorite song, stretch, or just take a moment to breathe.”

Louie then leads us in a good, deep breath — sorely needed, no doubt. “Come on, breathe with me right now. Take a slow deep breath in and then breathe out. Feels good, huh?”

It sure does. Amid all we’re trying to juggle, it’s easy to forget that we matter too. It’s making my eyes watery that darling Louie is reminding us. “We are all doing the best we can and that is ok. It’s better than ok!” he says. Then, dad duties call and Louie has to go tend to Elmo — but not before telling us, “Hang in there. Keep up the great work.”

The PSA is part of the Sesame Workshop Caring For Each Other program that posts content to “help families stay physically and mentally healthy as the coronavirus pandemic continues.”

Isn’t it something that Sesame Street is still here for us as adults as much as they were when we were kids? Just because we’ve become the parents doesn’t mean we’re any less in need of a reassuring voice — of someone reminding us that we need to be good to ourselves, too. Above all, it never hurts to hear that we’re doing a good job. If there’s one thing parents are amazing at it’s feeling like we’re never doing enough for our kids.

The next time you’re quarantine-overwhelmed, try to remember Louie’s sweet advice — just breathe. You’re doing great.

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