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Aldi Dropped An Adorable Pretend Grocery Store Cart & Playset For Future Shoppers

The cart even comes with the infamous quarter slot!

The new Aldi grocery store playsets have taken over TikTok, and super fans cannot stop raving about ...
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While supplies last, parents can swing by their local Aldi grocery store and grab an adorable Aldi pretend grocery shopping set.

Future Aldi shoppers can now recreate their favorite shopping trips right at home with a replica Alid-branded shopping cart, checkout register, and 3 fun play food sets, all of which are perfect for imaginative play!

The new Aldi playsets have taken over TikTok, and Aldi superfans cannot stop raving about the newest addition to Aldi shelves.

“So I went to Aldi last night really just walking around having mom guilt about leaving my child even though I stay home, and I came across these little Aldi shopping carts,” TikTok mom Bethany Smidt said in her viral video.

“They're so so cute! They're only $14.99 — perfect for a toddler.”

Several parents commented on the video, admiring the adorable pretend play sets.

“Not me wanting to go buy this even tho I haven’t given birth yet lol😂😂,” one user joked.

“Going to buy this now!! Not having kids for a few years, but I have to be prepared!!!” another said.

“that's actually really affordable,” another noted.

The OP replied, “So affordable! I love Aldi!”

When combined, the complete grocery store playset will only run you around $75! The new Aldi shopping cart has room to store play food, toys baby dolls, or even Aldi’s new pretend play food. The cart has working wheels, and the iconic ALDI quarter lock box and chain!

The Aldi-branded play food market includes a credit card machine and credit card, 8 boxes of food, a product divider, a wooden scanner, plus 12 pieces of paper money and 9 coins.

The Bee Happy Aldi Play Shopping set includes a total of 21 different Aldi play foods like canned goods, cereals, bread, cheese, and more for a realistic shopping play experience. The set also comes with pretend crates (FSC-certified wood) and a resuable Aldi shopping bag.

Additionally, kids can have a true Aldi shopping experience with the 47-piece shopping set which includes a wooden Aldi-branded shopping basket, an Aldi-branded wallet, plus play money, coins, and cards for a realistic shopping experience! Make sure you have your designated Aldi quarter in that wallet!

Aldi created this one-of-a-kind playset to not only foster imagination but to bring kids and parents together.

Bridget Kozlowski, Director of Communications at ALDI tells Scary Mommy, “ALDI believes grocery shopping should be fun, not another to-do on your list. The ALDI Food Market, Shopping Set, and Shopping Cart were developed to foster creative pretend shopping playtime with parents and their kids so they can enjoy the ALDI experience in-store and at home. Our award-winning products and 100+ weekly ALDI Finds take grocery shopping from errand to adventure.”