Lit-erally The 17 Best Gifts For The Bookworms On Your List

Library scented candles? I’ll take 10.

Written by Emily Weaver
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The fastest way to a bookworm’s heart isn’t via a bookstore gift card (though, we’d never turn down an offer for free books), it’s through a library-scented candle, Jane Austen-inspired mixology book, or a “A Year of Books” personalized ornament. Book lovers are pretty easy to please. Give us a chunky knitted blanket, a personalized bookmark, a good book, and a mug warmer for our coffee or tea and we’re set for hours.

However, as a literary connoisseur myself, I totally understand that shopping for a book junkie can be both a stressful and intimidating experience. Bookworms can be picky with gifts, especially if they’re customized to a specific genre or author.

My advice? If you’re going the customized route, stalk their Goodreads account. The next time you’re over at their house, take a closer look at their library or reading nook. Could they use a pair of bookends or literary-themed coasters? Maybe some fresh artwork would spruce up the place. Whether you’re on the hunt for stocking stuffers, a gift that holds sentimental value, a funny gift, or something to accompany a gift card or book, this list of gifts for readers has you covered.

Happy shopping — or should we say, reading!

1. Flexilight Rechargeable Black Dots Booklight

This gift goes out to the bookworms who grew up reading under the blanket with a flashlight. Now you can read your books out and about proudly, while also respecting those who may be sleeping nearby.

2. Just One More Chapter Tote Bag

It’s a tale as old as time. One more chapter turns into two more chapters, which turns into 50 more pages, and then before you know it the sun is rising and you’re just slipping into bed. Reusable, lightweight, and durable, your friend is going to love their new go-to literary-themed tote.

3. “Smells Like a Vintage Library” Candle

Ask any bookworm: nothing smells better than an old book. The candle, which is made without parabens and 100% natural coconut soy wax, comes in an apothecary style jar (what’s more “vintage” than a jar inspired by the 1600s?).

4. Monogrammed Book Embosser

Give a book the stamp of your approval with this monogrammed book embosser. There are over 40 different designs to choose from, and three types: self inking (push-down round stamp), round or square stamp with a wood handle, or a round embosser. Each purchase comes with personalized inscription and a colored ink pad as well.

5. Personalized Embroidery Felt Bookmarks

Shopping on a budget? Priced just under $15, this affordable and thoughtful gift is also personalized, which is a warm unique touch. Plus, its small compact size makes it the perfect stocking stuff, or accompaniment to a book or gift card.

6. Birth Flower Book Stand With Name Engraving

The bookworm you’re shopping for probably already has a reading tray or stand of some kind, but does theirs double as a bookmark, and have their name and birth flower engraved? No, we didn’t think so. Additionally, this wooden stand comes with a drink holder and a place for glasses, a remote, or any other small items.

7. A Year of Books: Personalized Book Ornament

OK, you want to talk about truly unique, one-of-a-kind gift ideas? It doesn’t get more personal than an ornament displaying your “Year of Books.” As the gift giver, this will take some planning on your part because you’ll have to provide the seller a list of books and authors your recipient has read but it’s totally worth it!

8. Book & Coffee Framed Art Print

This framed literary artwork is an aesthetically pleasing addition to anyone’s home library or reading nook. Society6 offers 18 different framing options, ranging in color, material, and design. You can order the print in different sizes, too.

9. Literary Insults Chart

You never know when a whip-smart literary insult may come in handy. Imagine someone offending you and responding, “There is no sin except stupidity.” The best part about a literary zinger is that not only do they sound wickedly smart, but no response can match it.

10. Quotes by Iconic Women Bookends

Keep novels warm and cozy with a pair of wooden bookends featuring quotes from the world’s most influential women: RBG, Louisa May Alcott, Jane Austen, Angela Davis, Sonia Sotomayor, Gloria Steinem, and more.

11. Jane Austen Book Coaster Set

The Jane Austin fanatic in your life will love this cool gift idea. Each set comes with six coasters made from a random blend of upcycled wood — oak, cherry, alder, walnut, mahogany, maple, hickory, white oak, pine, and more — and because they’re made from scraps and discarded items, each one is completely original in grain and color.

12. Bookworm Sweatshirt

Wear your bookworm pride on your chest with this soft and fluffy sweatshirt. It’s available in sizes small-3X, as both a crewneck and hoodie, and in 10 different colors.

13. Fiction Prescriptions Card Deck

Got the blues? Looking for inspiration on how you can spice things up in the bedroom? Inside this card deck are over 200 book recommendations based on specific experiences or topics such as first love, grief, sex, and friendship. It’s also a great way to get out of a book rut or discover a book you might have otherwise not picked up.

14. Black Mug Warmer

Annoyances are far and few between when reading, but a cold cup of coffee can be one of them. Gift your bookish friend an electric mug warmer so they can enjoy their book without a microwave break.

15. Gin Austin: 50 Cocktails to Celebrate The Novels of Jane Austen by Colleen Mullaney

Inside its pages, you’ll uncover a litany of creative Jane Austen-inspired boozy concoctions like Sussex on the Beach, Cousin Collins, and Life’s Not Fairfax. Book club is about to get a whole lot more interesting!

16. Vintage Library Card Compact Purse Mirror

How adorable is this? The seller also gives you the option to include up to five customized dates. This is an easy way to make the gift a little more sentimental with a nod to a birthday, anniversary, or other special moment in their life.

17. Reading Log Bookmark

Who needs Goodreads when you have your own personal reading log bookmark? Keep track of how many books you’ve read as well as when you started and finished the book, and your overall rating.

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