A Mom Was Allegedly Banned From Costco For Breaking Their New Membership Rule

Costco is not messing around.

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Costco means business when it comes to their upholding their membership policies. In fact, stores all over are cracking down on membership sharing. According to CNBC, Costco employees will now ask to see photo identification when a person checks out using their card out if there is no photo on the back of it. Think Netflix password sharing but this is people trying to buy toilet paper in bulk. Apparently, card-sharing among shoppers has soared as a result of Costco's self-checkout lines and become a real issue.

Now that the new rules have taken effect, people who are trying to skate by — or maybe shop without knowing the new membership enforcement — are being affected in big ways.

According to TikTok content creator @profitplug his mother was actually banned from her local Costco for using her husband's membership card while attempting to use self-checkout.

“My mom got banned from Costco for using my dad's membership card to buy groceries,” he begins in a voiceover.

“So, here's what happened. My mom likes to go to Costco sometimes to just look around. One day, she tried buying groceries at the self-checkout area, and as soon as she scanned the card, employees rushed her and started asking for her ID and membership. After confirming that it wasn't her card, they later told her that she can never go back to that location again.”

Are Costco policies really so strict that a wife couldn’t use her husband’s card? Actually, yes. According to the OP, his father is a Gold Star member. A Costco Gold Star member allows two people to use the card. Unfortunately, his mom isn't on the card. Before the stricter rules kicked in, she was always allowed to make purchases.

The current Costco website does not explicitly say that membership-card sharing could get you banned. However, their Membership Privileges & Conditions page states that “membership may be terminated at Costco's discretion and without cause.”

As the news of the new policy continues to spread, several Costco shoppers have posted on social media about the stress and anxiety that has come along with the new rule, as well as longer lines.

“There was high anxiety in the ⁦@Costco#costco line last nite, as a staffer carded everyone in the self checkout lane, (kindly) demanding to see your picture on the back. Its a new effort to crack down on membership card sharing,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another said, “"Well is not like their prices are low! Maybe it’s time to cancel my subscription if my sibling can’t use it!!! Yeah let’s do that. Let’s all cancel our subscriptions. We don't feel it's right," wrote one Twitter user.

TikTok commenters encouraged the now-banished mom to get a Sam’s Club membership. Sam’s Club is another membership-based warehouse store where you can buy in bulk. Costco's membership fees are more expensive, but apparently, its prices are slightly lower than Sam’s.

However, now with Costco’s new membership policy in place, Sam’s Club might be getting a bunch of new subscriptions.

“Sams club is cheaper, has variety, has scan and go and they don’t care who uses your membership 😅” one user wrote.

Though several users recommended Sam’s Club to get around this policy, according to the Sam’s Club website, they have a similar policy.

“Membership cards are non-transferable and are inclusive to card and household cardholders. With a membership you are granted one primary membership card and another card for a spouse or member of your household 18 years of age or older,” the website reads.

For those looking to avoid this nonsense all together, Instacart offers Costco delivery with no membership required. So, you can buy that delicious 5-pound peanut butter cake and stay home! Win-win!