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From Cozy Throws To Accent Rugs, 15 Ways To Incorporate Peach Fuzz Into Your Aesthetic

Pantone describes its color of the year as a “velvety gentle peach.”

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After a Barbie pink-filled year, color experts are dubbing 2024 the year of peach — but not just any shade of peach. Peach Fuzz 13-2023, to be exact. In December, the Pantone Color Institute announced Peach Fuzz as its official color of the year, describing the velvety color as a "heartfelt peach hue bringing a feeling of kindness and tenderness, communicating a message of caring and sharing, community and collaboration."

Called "sensitive but sweet and airy," Peach Fuzz is predicted to set the tone for "a new modernity" while also paying homage to a "vintage vibe." In terms of interior design, Pantone says that incorporating Peach Fuzz decor can help create "a welcoming ambiance" and promote "feelings of gentle warmth."

What does Peach Fuzz look like?

According to HomeGoods style expert Jenny Reimold, the color is "a warm, soft tone falling between pastel pink and orange." The soft, bubbly color is a huge shift from last year's Viva Magenta, but Reimold assures that Peach Fuzz is actually a very adaptable color that can fit into many different and pre-existing aesthetics.

"With its warm, welcoming appeal and carefree, lighthearted vibes, Peach Fuzz works in many different capacities and in a variety of rooms. I like to emphasize its coziness by going for plush knits and faux furs," she tells Scary Mommy.

If you're trying to play it safe, Reimond suggests leaning into the "peaches and creams" color palette, which can look lovely in nurseries, offices, and bedrooms where you want a softer and more relaxed feel. Go crazy and play around with different textures, too, Reimond says. Layering stitch quilts, cashmere blends, and intricate embroidery can lead to something beautiful.

What if you want to really lean into the Peach Fuzz aesthetic?

You may have better luck shopping for an area rug, duvet cover, or artwork. Conversely, Reimond points out that those who prefer a bohemian or Indonesian vibe will have no problem mixing in tons of peachy items.

"Peach Fuzz lends itself perfectly to a bohemian-style space. Combine peach tones with terracotta, sage, and wheat for an earthy and grounded mood," she suggests. "Indonesian rattan cabinets rest beautifully on globally-inspired fringed rugs, with warm tones of peach, neutrals, and golds, too."

When incorporating Peach Fuzz into your wardrobe, standalone items like slippers, handbags, and robes are always easiest. Lounge sets can also work.

Keep reading to see how you can bring Peach Fuzz into your everyday aesthetic this year, from home to fashion.

1. Limited Edition Pantone Color of the Year 2024 Mug

You aren’t going to find an object closer to Pantone’s exact shade of Peach Fuzz than this mug from the company that branded the color itself. It dons a peach-fuzz-hued color swatch and is a unique collector’s item if you’re into that sort of thing.

2. Peach Plant Pot

A subtle accent that will last for years to come, this handmade two-toned planter features a textured finish on top and a terracotta-colored glaze on the bottom. Available in three different sizes, the pot can hold everything from succulents to snake plants to a hanging pathos.

3. Peach Fuzz Bud Vase

You can fill this petite glass vase with shorter stems, preserved florals, or faux pampas grass. In terms of placement, the vase can contribute to a beautiful tablescape or an assortment of vases. Its compact shape also makes it great for bathroom counters, nightstands, and coffee tables.

4. Peaches Wall Art

If you aren’t trying to play subtle, you’ll love this vibrant art piece. After all, what’s more peachy than a framed print of peaches?!

5. Cotton Chambray Duvet Cover

Those looking to make a bold makeover will have a fun time dressing up this peach fuzz duvet cover. The wrinkle-resistant bedspread comes with hidden ties and a button closure to help prevent your duvet insert from wiggling around mid-slumber. Additionally, your purchase comes with two pillow shams.

6. 10-Ft. Peach-Hued Cheesecloth Table Runner

Perfect for family dinners and backyard summer barbecues, this cheesecloth runner will look stunning on a walnut table, or any dark wood table for that matter. Runners are also easy to stow away during parties or holidays when you may want to break out a themed or seasonal runner.

7. Set of 2 Peachy Pillow Covers

Decorating on a budget? Keep the pillows you have but give them a peach fuzz transformation with these plush, fleece covers. They’re available in eight different sizes, including an option for lumbar cushions.

8. Peach Fuzz Woven Fringe Throw

You’ve got the pillow covers; now you just need a matching throw to go with it! This luxurious yet lightweight solid-checkered woven blanket will tie your peach fuzz aesthetic together — or act as a statement piece against more subtle accents like a flower vase or set of peachy cocktail glasses.

9. Distressed Persian Boho Rug

As Reimold suggested, peach fuzz lends itself well to boho colors and aesthetics. This vintage-looking area rug features different shades of fuzzy peach, ranging from warm orange to blush pink.

10. Set of 6 Peachy Glass Candlestick Holders

Each set comes with six ribbed candlestick holders in three different sizes. They can hold a variety of candles like tealights, tapered candles, and candlesticks, so you can play around with what works best in your space.

11. Linen Oversized Mid Century Modern Chair

If you’re looking to invest in a new furniture piece, may we direct your eyes to this oversized comfy reading chair. It’s ergonomically designed to provide you extra back and head support, and has a deep seat cushion. The chair’s shade of peach fuzz is more warm than bright, which can bode well for spaces with darker tones and brass accents.

12. WFH Women’s Sweatpants

If decor isn’t your thing, don’t fret! You can still bask in Pantone’s color of the year thanks to these super-soft, mid-rise sweatpants. They taper at the ankle, too, so you don’t have to worry about tripping or your pants dragging on the dirty floor.

13. Women’s Peach Fuzz Oversized Tunic Sweatshirt

Perfect for running errands or working from home, this tunic boasts raglan sleeves with rib-knit cuffs. It’s so soft you’ll want to sleep in it — I won’t judge if you do!

14. Weightless Waffle Robe

Made from certified organic cotton, this weightless bathrobe from Happy Place will be your new happy place. The 3D waffle weave is breathable, dries faster compared to other robes on the market, and features a hook for easy storage.

15. Side-Cinch Lightweight Shoulder Tote

One can never have too many tote bags, right? There are so many things to love about this nylon bag; but apart from being super durable and waterproof, the sides are also cinchable for easy access. You can also cinch the sides to make the bag smaller and to keep it from poking your underarms.

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