115+ Snapchat Names That You'll Definitely Want To Steal

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Snapchat Names
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Guess what, fam? No social media résumé is complete without a Snapchat account, so if you’re not already on the photo- and video-sharing app, it’s time to hop to it. And before you think that Snapchat is just for the kids, think again. This social media platform is good for everyone, including all you mamas.

Snapchat, which first launched in 2011, has grown in popularity over the years as it has implemented more and more features. At its core, this social media app is all about sharing photos and videos directly with your friends. But where it differs from platforms like Instagram or Facebook is the snaps you send will disappear after being opened. So, upon launching, it quickly became a way for people to exchange some, ahem, raunchy messages with a little bit of privacy. Though that remains one of the go-to uses for Snapchat, it’s also just a fun way for people to keep in touch and to use Snapchat’s endless fun filters.

But you can’t get your Snapchat off the ground without some fun Snapchat names. While your username isn’t highly visible (much like Twitter names, you have a display name and a username), it will still appear on your profile, so you want it to be solid. Or you may not; that’s truly up to you. Either way, we made a Snapchat names list to get your creative juices flowing so that you can come up with your own username.

Some of these may already be in use — the app did have 293 million daily active users between April and June 2021, according to Statista — but you can probably spin off of them or tweak them if you’re into them. With that said, check out these Snapchat names and get snapping!

Funny Snapchat Names

Snapchat is an app that really calls for humor (and sexiness, but let’s talk about humor). From funny filters to cheeky stickers and features, Snapchat knows how to make its users smile. If you want to use the platform for nothing but fun, a funny Snapchat name may be the way to go.

  1. @DontSnapMe
  2. @SnapItLikeYouMeanIt
  3. @IHateSnapchat
  4. @ThisIsYourGrandma
  5. @GiveMeMyNamePlease
  6. @ILikeInstagramBetter
  7. @SendN00dz
  8. @SnapCracklePopp
  9. @TooOld4This
  10. @LeaveIt2TheGrownups
  11. @UrMomsHot
  12. @IDidntWakeUpLikeThis
  13. @ArianaGrandesPonytail
  14. @CerealKillerStyle
  15. @CheugyAndIKnowIt
  16. @TiredAF
  17. @HelloMyNameIs
  18. @CindyCrawfordsMole
  19. @ToAllTheSnapsIveLovedBefore
  20. @GnomecomingQueen

Cool Snapchat Names

We already know you’re cooler than cool, which means your Snapchat name should match that. Your brand of cool may differ from ours, but these should inspire some level of coolness in you.

  1. @RogueRenegade
  2. @DaisyChain
  3. @QueenOfEverything
  4. @SunsetInTheRain
  5. @ThunderCloud
  6. @KiwiStarfruit
  7. @LikeADaydream
  8. @LegallyBrunette
  9. @SummerEvening
  10. @RedLipstickKiss
  11. @HideawayHome
  12. @WatermelonSugarHigh
  13. @Booksmartish
  14. @WaveOnWave
  15. @2020_survivor
  16. @TheVoodooThatYouDo
  17. @P4L
  18. @Elev11n
  19. @EmployeeOfTheMonth
  20. @AllTheSmallThings

Random Snapchat Names

Sometimes you just want a username with no real meaning. It doesn’t necessarily have to be funny or meaningful. Maybe it’s because you don’t care too much about your Snapchat or want it as an extra account. (You do you.) In which case, use these as a jumping-off point.

  1. @ObsessedWithEverything
  2. @ISpyRainbows
  3. @CatMom
  4. @MovingGrooving
  5. @YoureMissingOut
  6. @Working4TheWeekend
  7. @PostcardsAndPaperclips
  8. @YoullLikeItHere
  9. @SweetSweetHoney
  10. @AlrightAlrightAlright
  11. @NoBigDealOkay
  12. @SnacksAndNaps
  13. @ChickenNugsAndHugs
  14. @BleepBleepBloop
  15. @Ur_Mom
  16. @ProneToPanicAttacks
  17. @ANecessaryDiversion
  18. @HashtagHashtag
  19. @FeedMeSeymour
  20. @HelloYellow

Celebrity Snapchat Account Names

Do you want to check out what some of your favorite celebs are up to? Add them on Snapchat and get a peek into their everyday lives (or inspiration for your Snapchat account).

  1. @aldnama — Amandla Stenberg
  2. @anselelgort — Ansel Elgort
  3. @arnoldschnitzel — Arnold Schwarzenegger
  4. @BabyBells777 — Bella Hadid
  5. @BellaThorneDab — Bella Thorne
  6. @Benzo33 — Ashley Benson
  7. @BlacChynaLA — Blac Chyna
  8. @bobbycnorris — Bobby Norris
  9. @Bpchrisbrown — Chris Brown
  10. @CalvinHarris — Calvin Harris
  11. @camilacabello — Camila Cabello
  12. @candacecbure — Candace Cameron Bure
  13. @CaraDevilQueen — Cara Delevingne
  14. @ChrisPrattSnap — Chris Pratt
  15. @ChrissyTeigen — Chrissy Teigen
  16. @ciara — Ciara
  17. @CraigDavid — Craig David
  18. @davidguettaoff — David Guetta
  19. @djkhaled305 — DJ Khaled
  20. @doublegiforce — Gigi Hadid
  21. @dovecameron — Dove Cameron
  22. @dualipa — Dua Lipa
  23. @Ellen — Ellen Degeneres
  24. @FlickFlack — Caroline Flack
  25. @finnwolfhard — Finn Wolfhard
  26. @haileybisboring — Hailey Baldwin Bieber
  27. @haiz — Hailee Steinfeld
  28. @henrychurches — Enrique Iglesias
  29. @iamjamiefoxx — Jamie Foxx
  30. @idougahole69 — Dougie Poynter
  31. @itsgwenstafani — Gwen Stefani
  32. @itsmejoeyking — Joey King
  33. @JaredLeto — Jared Leto
  34. @jasonderulo — Jason Derulo
  35. @JLobts — Jennifer Lopez
  36. @kjapadwsole — KJ Apa
  37. @lilireinhart — Lili Reinhart
  38. @lilpumpjetski — Lil Pump
  39. @LivelyBK — Blake Lively
  40. @maroon5 — Maroon 5
  41. @mileycyrus — Miley Cyrus
  42. @milliebbrown — Millie Bobby Brown
  43. @moonlightbae — Ariana Grande
  44. @mynamechance — Chance
  45. @nextjenneration — Brody Jenner
  46. @notcharlieputh — Charlie Puth
  47. @officialbsb — Backstreet Boys
  48. @ohheyhilary — Hilary Duff
  49. @postmalone — Post Malone
  50. @realevalongoria — Eva Longoria
  51. @rowablanchard — Rowan Blanchard
  52. @shawnmendes1 — Shawn Mendes
  53. @TeddysDayToday — Ed Sheeran
  54. @thatssokhalid — Khalid
  55. @TheDDLovato — Demi Lovato
  56. @TheRock — Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

A Final Note on Snapchat Names

There are so many ways you can decide on Snapchat names. Maybe you want to take inspiration from your kids and use a combination of their names, birthdays, or what they call you. Perhaps your favorite hobby can be your inspiration. We love the idea of using your favorite things as a part of a Snapchat name so that it feels personal.

Using part of your own name is also a great starting point for coming up with a social media name. You can even be incredibly straightforward and use your name or birthday or something identifiable. Just be cautious with how much personal information you incorporate in Snapchat username. Though you’re only sending pictures and videos to your friends, there’s always a privacy concern with putting any info out into the world!

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