12 Best Outdoor Swings For Kids Of All Ages, According To Moms – 2021

12 Best Outdoor Swings For Kids Of All Ages— Cue The Fresh Air & Fun

May 14, 2020 Updated May 17, 2021

Blue Island Kids Swing

Outdoor swings provide the screen-free fun your kids need, especially with virtual learning and quarantining keeping them (mostly) indoors. We all have happy childhood memories that involve being on a swing— tire swing, swing set, rope swing, etc. That carefree feeling of the wind in our hair and the tickle in our stomach as we go higher. Combine that with running through sprinklers and a cold glass of lemonade — summertime! It’s only natural that we pass this love of swinging onto our kids. It’s not a coincidence that they’re the most sought-after playground toy (they even beat out the wavy slide and monkey bars). Whether we’re playing at the playground or on our own backyard swingset, the magical yet simplistic design of a good old swing can entertain our kids for hours.

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Swinging is fun and also delivers on both mental and physical benefits (for moms too when pushing — triceps ladies!). This source of play does everything from teaching body awareness to building gross motor skills to providing a calming sensation, especially for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, anxiety, or a variety of other mental or physical disabilities.

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Our kids don’t need (or care) to know it’s good for them, right? They just want to have outdoor play in the sunshine, have some independent fun, and spout a few kid-friendly jokes after their sibling doesn’t stick the landing on that “cool” jump-off. And we mamas want some well-deserved outdoor quiet time for a change. So tell the kids to leave the tablets, RC trucks, and cool magnetic toys inside — it’s time for you to take a reading break and send the whole family outside to the swings. Heck, the big kids can even get in their reading time in while on the swings!

This list of the best outdoor swings for kids will help you upgrade your current swingset for the bigger kids and add a few new tree swings around the yard. Because, well mama, it’s time. Have little ones that just made it out of the travel crib? We’ve got outdoor baby cribs for them too. Spread them out — less fighting = more relax time for you. We’ve got 12 swings for you to choose from. Lemonade not included.

Best Baby Swings

Step2 Infant To Toddler Swing Seat

This swing has an average of 4.8 stars, so we’d definitely say it’s parent-approved! This is a great pick for little ones transitioning into toddlerhood, and with a weight limit of 50 pounds, it should last them for a few years. A from restraint made of plastic and secured with buckles keeps kiddos extra secure as they soar toward the sky, and a weather-resistant seat is sturdy in inclement weather and makes cleanup a breeze. Overall, the concept is simple, but it’s a clear winner.

$64.99 AT AMAZON

TP Toys Quadpod Adjustable 4-in-1 Swing Seat

Weeeeee! Who even really needs a trip to the playground these days when you can just install a swing in your own freaking backyard?? We specifically recommend this 4-in-1 swing from TP Toys if you need something that will grow with your child’s ages and stages. Touted as having a safe and comfortable seat, this bad boy comes with four modes. It has a cocoon seat (great for young babies who still need neck support), a cradle seat (helloooo, back support), a bucket swing, and a single platform seat. One Amazon customer raves, “This is a terrific swing! It will last for several summers as our grandson grows, and serve the grown-ups, too, once it becomes ‘just a swing’. We compared it to a heavy ‘bucket swing’ such as one finds in parks and playgrounds, and this one offers so much more comfort. It is also easier to get a 10-month old in-and-out of.”


Little Tikes High Back Swing

Little Tikes, the expert in all things baby and toddler has created one of the most mom friendly baby swings. It’s all fun and games putting our little newborn in the baby swing, but once they can sit up (aka move on their own) it’s a little nerve wracking to put them in a moving object. The Little Tikes High Back Swing comes in fire truck red (the color babies see first) with a high back (support for BB) and a seatbelt for added safety. The included rope makes adding this swing to your pre existing play set from your older children easy. No swing set yet? Not worry, this can also be hung from a sturdy tree limb.

According to Little Tikes, swinging outdoors can lead to sensory development for BB. “A child who spends all of their time inside watching television only has the chance to develop two sensory skills — sight and hearing. When children play outside, they can develop and hone all five sensory skills — touch, hearing, sight, smell and even taste. What does all of this have to do with swinging? Kids love swinging. It’s a huge draw for children. If your child is interested in swinging, then they’ll be much more willing to head to a playground, go out back to play or engage in other outdoor activities beyond swinging. As they do, they’ll practice engaging their senses and processing everything around them.”


Eastern Jungle Gym Full Bucket Toddler Swing Seat

How cute are babies at the playground in these big bucket swings? It just begs for a photo op. Eastern Jungle Gym brings the playground home by creating a fully assembled polyurethane high back swing seat for baby. Installation is super easy, just unbox and hang up on your metal or wooden swing set in replacement of a swing for bigger kids. Once up, plan on leaving it for awhile. This seat is good for babies and toddlers from age 6 months to four years. The yellow coated chain prevents pinched fingers allowing us mamas to be worry free, even when our LOs start swinging themselves.

$55.94 AT AMAZON

Best Toddler Swings

Sportspower Indoor/Outdoor My First Toddler Swing

Toddlers have no concept of weather, they just know what they want to do and they want to do it NOW! Sound familiar? With Sportspower Indoor/Outdoor Swing your LO doesn’t have to wait for Mr. Sun to enjoy the benefits of swinging. An indoor swing for kids is not an easy find after the baby stage unless you want it hanging from the ceiling. Trust us you will thank us for finding this one! 

Some assembly is required; Pro-tip get a second person who is not your toddler to help here (this means you dad!). Easy to fold up and bring either inside or out this mobile swing set will provide hours of entertainment in the living room, on the porch, or even on vacation for kids up to 55 pounds. One mom we know set it up so she could sit on the porch enjoying the sun while pushing her LO in the shaded area. Instant relaxation for both. Smart move, Mama!


Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug 'n Secure Swing

With over 1200 reviews, the Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug ‘n Secure Swing is a hands down mom favorite for toddlers. Designed to work for kids from ages 9 months to 4 four years, this swing is both small and mighty. It contains the safety features of a baby swing but is durable enough to withstand both the elements and whatever our preschoolers drum up. As our kids get older, or if you plan on using this for multiple children, the adjustable straps can be removed to accommodate bigger kids.

Starting the habit of outdoor play can set our kiddos up for a lifetime of good habits. Little Tikes notes, “In general, children who spend time outside tend to be more curious, stay with a task for a longer time, and are better at self-directed play. By encouraging your child to swing and spend time outside, you help them to develop the skills they need in the classroom and the boardroom.”


Ecotribe Wooden Horse Toddler Swing

If you’re looking for a swing that’s as fun to look at as it is to use, this wooden horse is it! The Ecotribe swing is suitable for tots up to 3 years old and can be used indoors or out. It’s made from eco-conscious materials, is sanded down smooth, and most importantly, it’s chemical-free. Install it in your kids’ room or playroom or on a porch, swing set, or a sturdy tree. No matter where you put it, your kiddo will love saddling up and riding like the wind. Yee-haw!

$93.98 AT AMAZON

Jaketen 3-in-1 Toddler Swing Seat

The ultimate swing for kids is this one that can grow with them from infant to teens. This Jaketen 3-in-1 Toddler Swing Seat is brightly colored, large, durable, and designed with multiple removable and adjustable parts. “I am a mother of 3 kids. A ten month old baby, an 4 year old, and a 11 year old. They all can use it. And they all love it,” said one Amazon reviewer.

$49.99 AT AMAZON

Best Tree & Rope Swings For Older Kids

Jungle Gym Kingdom Tree Swing

This outdoor swing is a great option for a bigger kid. They’ll have the option to sit or stand while the swing, doubling all the fun. The rope is sturdy yet gentle on the hands, and it’s adjustable to ensure it’s the right length for your child. “This is such a fun toy!” said one mom on Amazon. “Even the rope is rainbow and it’s very sturdy. It comes with the whole set up to hang from a tree which I wasn’t expecting at this price. It’s such a deal. Oh, and even I can climb on it at over 150lbs. One of my best amazon purchases to date!”


PACEARTH 40 Inch Saucer Tree Swing

Picture this: A brisk summer day with zero percent rain, just sunshine. While you’re pulling weeds in the backyard, your kids can entertain themselves with their brand-spankin’ new backyard tree swing. This flying saucer-like fabric swing comes with two swing straps to make it extra durable (perfect for a party of two or three!). Whether they ride on it belly side down or with legs dangling over the edge, they’re guaranteed to have a good time. Shares one Amazon customer, “This is a WONDERFUL swing!!! It’s heavy-duty, will last for years; and the straps look like they could be used for climbing mountains! I got one for my 2-year-old, and it holds her AND my son-in-law ( he’s big ). My granddaughter Rain actually Hates playground swings, but since this is a much bigger surface, she dove right into it. Plus, the seller is great – he sent an email with safety tips and a reminder of the warranty. Really, really happy with this purchase.”

$69.99 AT AMAZON

Sorbus Spinner Swing

The Sorbus Spinner Swing comes in two sizes one perfect for kids swing sets and the other as a kids tree swing. Circular in design with a full mat platform, this can be a chair swing, a hammock, and a swing for playsets all while encouraging balance development and imaginative play. The 24” size will fit nicely on any preexisting playset you already own and is perfect for one child ages 5 and up. The 40” size means friends can play too! Good for 2-3 kids and up to 220 pounds in total, our kiddos can make this their mobile hotspot all summer long. Swinging, spinning, or just sitting and reading, this swing can be set up almost anywhere you kids want to hang. 

The other reason that we love this swing so much is that it’s great for kids on the Autism spectrum. The gentle calming and repetitive motion helps with sensory information processing and works to build better coordination and balance, which means both physical and mental benefits.

$44.99 AT AMAZON

Web Riderz Rope Swing

Engineered to meet the highest quality standards the M and M Sale Enterprises Web Riderz Swing gets the whole family in on the fun. This is the ultimate rope swing for kids! With a 39” steel frame diameter, multiple children or mom and dad can climb on the web rope swing with room to spare. Constructed to hold up to 600 pounds safely (one of the highest limits out there!) this one is as much for the adults as the kids. This swing comes fully assembled and ready to hang from the perfect backyard tree limb, or it can attach directly to a metal swing set. Pro tip, if you want to use this as a spinner swing, you will need to purchase the adaptor


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