8 Best Above Ground Pool Ladders For Safety & Accessibility 2021

The Best Above-Ground Pool Ladders For Safety And Accessibility

May 20, 2021 Updated June 24, 2021

Above Ground Back Yard Pool
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Pool steps for your above ground pool might not currently be in your shopping cart, but they sure as heck should be. If you plan to revisit the backyard pool bandwagon nearly everyone hopped on last summer, you also need to consider some safety upgrades. (And if you’re looking for an above ground pool vacuum, we’ve also got ya covered)

2020 had us all in survival mode, desperate for any entertainment, and we weren’t exactly discerning about what supplies we were able to get our hands on. This year is looking a little different, and if you are setting up a pool again, it’s important to make sure you are taking all the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe. This includes pool alarms, life jackets, UV protection, and yes, even an escape ramp for tiny critters.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 10,000 people annually will seek emergency room care due to injuries related to above-ground pools. The commission recommends using pool ladders made with non-slip materials, and choosing options that offer handrails on both sides, making it easier for children to grasp.

Pool stairs run the gamut, from basic to extremely fancy, but no matter which style you choose, they are an essential accessory that offers an added measure of security when swimming.

Best Above Ground Pool Ladders

Bestway Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder

Made with a corrosion-resistant metal frame, and heavy-duty plastic steps, this pool ladder can be assembled in less than 10 minutes. Wet feet won’t stand a chance against the slip-resistant steps, and arm rails make it easy to turn around.

Reviewer MakenaB calls this ladder really sturdy and says, “Super stable. Made it easy for our kids to get into out above ground pool.”

$188.96 AT AMAZON

Summer Waves SureStep Swimming Pool Ladder

Designed specifically for quick-set and and frame pools, these steps are made with rust-resistant, durable plastic. This ladder is a great choice if you have a pop-up or inflatable pool.

Reviewer Theresa says, “Very easy to assemble. It makes it so easy to get in and out of my 15′ x 36″ pool.”

$84.39 AT AMAZON

Vinyl Works Above Ground Pool Ladder

Adjustable for above ground pools that range from 48″ to 56″ deep, this ladder offers extra tread on the steps and top platform to help prevent slipping. For extra safety, the outside section slides up and locks, preventing uninvited swimmers from entering the pool. One Amazon reviewer said, “A well made product and easy to assemble. Instructions were easy to follow and accurate.”


Best Above Ground Pool Steps

Intex Deluxe Pool Ladder with Removable Steps

Intex is well-known for their above ground pools, and this ladder works for those with 36″ to 42″ wall heights. With safety in mind, it’s designed with removable steps that easily snap on and off. When the pool is not in use, they can be detached, ensuring that no one sneaks in when they are not supposed to.

$99.95 AT AMAZON

Blue Wave Deluxe In-Pool Steps

Perfect for above ground pools that are 48-60″ in depth, this super strong resin step will hold up to 300 pounds.
Slotted side wings allow for plenty of water flow, which discourages algae. It promises easy assembly with a snap-lock construction, and has dual extended handrails for even the smallest swimmers.

$207.28 AT AMAZON

Blue Wave Wedding Cake Above Ground Pool Step

“Perfect for an above ground pool!” and “We are in love with our steps. One of [our] best buys…” are just some of the positive reviews for this one-piece, drop-in pool step. Holding up to 500 pounds and featuring quick installation, adjustable height, and ease of movement, this is a no-brainer pool purchase.

$422.10 AT AMAZON

Best Pool Stairs

Confer Plastics Safety Stairs

These stairs offer the ultimate safety feature — a lockable, guard barrier that rolls over the outer steps when the pool is not in use.
It has a 300 pound weight capacity, adjusts to fit pool heights of 48-54″, and features an extra large platform at the top.

$239.99 AT AMAZON

Main Access Heavy-Duty Pool Stairs

With a sturdy ladder entry system, and adjustable height option, these stairs allow you to get in and out of your above ground swimming pool safely.
Thanks to its flow-through design, water is able circulate and reduce algae build up. Reviewer Scott says, “We really like these steps. They are much sturdier than our previous ladder system and make getting in/out of the pool much easier.”

$344.98 AT AMAZON

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