Easy Autumn Decorating Ideas For Celebrating The Start Of Fall

by Laura Hennigan
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best fall table decor
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The best fall table decor ideas will warm up your space, now that autumn is on the horizon. While it’s tough to beat the fun of summertime, we’re ready to ditch the humid hair and bust those boots out of storage. It’s time for pumpkin spice and everything nice, and that includes updating your indoor seasonal decorations. And here’s the best part: It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

How can I decorate for fall for cheap?

For inspo, try searching your attic, secondhand stores, or even your own backyard. Katrina Morris of Katrina and Company says, “The most popular trends I am seeing for fall is the use of natural elements. Bringing the outdoors in with texture, wood tones, and greens. Decor that is organic and not fussy. A stack of books with a wood bowl on top or a vase with branches can elevate a space for the early fall season.” Hart Neely of Elm & Iron suggests “adding in simple seasonal botanical stems and updating textiles around the home to spruce up your space heading into fall.”

How can I decorate my dining table for fall?

One of the best places to focus on for autumn decor is the dining area since it’s such a versatile space. Perfect for gatherings of all sizes, from a rustic adult dinner party to a rowdy kid-friendly dessert buffet, your table can be easily transformed no matter what the occasion.

Morris offers ideas for popular autumn table trends: “Bring in varying heights of taper candle holders to create dimension while weaving magnolia garland through and layering white pumpkins. Another option is to pair rust color napkins with a rattan-wrapped vase full of fall branches to create a beautiful and simple tablescape.” Neely also says that for fall 2021, “Distressed brass continues to be a strong trend. We’re seeing more burgundy this year along with velvet and warm caramel leathers in upholstery and pillows.”

From chunky knit blankets to natural wheat stalks, autumn home design is warm, inviting, and authentically cozy. So grab some of these fall table decor items and snuggle into the season.

Best Fall Table Decor

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