How To Clean Baby's Ears The Safe Way — And The Tools You Need

by Anna Baboval
baby ear cleaners

Baby ear cleaners should be on that list of essentials as a new mom. The thought of baby ear wax removal is scary AF — one wrong move can do so much untended harm. Cleaning their ears is right up there with giving baby a bath, handling the first fever, and feeding solid food for the first time — traumatic for us and hopefully not for BB. Baby earwax buildup can look extreme (and too much can cause damage to the ear), so what does a panicked mama do? Turn to Google of course! A simple Google search of how to clean baby’s ear returns a smorgasbord of product recommendations (not all baby proof, btw) and another slew of medical advice of what not to do.

The most highly recommended method for getting BB’s ears clean is to use good old fashioned warm water and a soft wash cloth. Other more technologically advanced items exist too, including ones featuring an LED light or a camera adapter so we can actually see what we’re doing! For those looking for the something in between there are some baby safe ear wax removal tools as well. Using items like Q-tips in an attempt to clean the ear can cause damage to the ear canal, but there are some safer baby cotton swabs for the outer ear that like a Q-tip are multiple purpose baby cleaners.

With so many options, which one is right to keep baby clean and safe? We’ve assembled our top picks for best baby ear cleaners no matter your personal comfort level with the task. Now to just concur the other traumas of motherhood!

Best Baby Ear Cleaning Supplies

Best Baby Ear Wax Removal Tools

Best Baby Ear Wax Removal Light Up Gadgets

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