9 Best Baby Food Pouches That Are Yummy And Squeeze-Packed With All The Nutrition

by Jenn Sinrich
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When you’re in the thick of new parenthood, the majority of your energy goes into trying to get baby to sleep so that you, in turn, can also catch some Zs. You don’t even have time (or energy) to think about the challenges that lay ahead, like feeding, teething, and practically everything else.

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Ask any mother with a child between the ages of 6 months and 6 years and she’ll gladly pour her heart out to you about the feeding struggles that she’s had to deal with just to sneak some form of nutrition into her kid. Getting your kid to eat healthy food is no easy feat—and it happens three times a day at minimum (plus A-L-L the snacks).

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That’s why we’re so grateful for the angel sent from above who created the concept of baby food pouches. For whatever reason, babies and toddlers alike love eating out of a pouch! They’ll suck almost anything out of there—sweet potatoes, broccoli, chicken, beef, you name it. While feeding specialists say you should still feed your baby real food in different textures as much as possible to get your child used to eating them, there’s no denying that serving up nutrients in pretty much any form is certainly not a bad idea (especially if your child, like every child who came before him, could survive solely on a diet of Ritz crackers and Goldfish).

Ready to give baby pouches a shot (and stock up on them for the better part of the next 5 years)? These baby food pouches have passed the kid taste test and get the mom stamp of approval. Now strap them into that high chair (or don’t since these are great for on-the-go) and give them their veggies!

Now that you’ve stocked up on baby food pouches, be sure to have all of your other baby gear handy to streamline mealtime and more.


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