9 Must Haves For An At-Home Camping Adventure

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Backyard Camping Essentials

Camping is great in theory, but in reality, when you factor in packing several day’s worth of supplies and snacks, dealing with kids repeatedly asking if you’re there yet during the car ride, unpredictable elements, and a possible absence of electricity or plumbing, it can all sound exhausting before you’ve even stepped out the door. But camping in your backyard (or even in your living room if you don’t have a backyard) can be a fun way to experience all the greatness of the outdoors without the hassle (and you still get the private, clean bathroom).

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You don’t need a pop up camper or even a camper van. Creating a camping experience at home takes just a little imagination, and a willingness to find adventure in unexpected places. It’s the little things you do outside— whether that’s cooking over a fire, sleeping in a tent, stargazing, or getting a sugar high eating too many s’mores. Perhaps the best part of backyard camping though, is if you or your kids quickly get over it, or you need any backup supplies, home is just a few steps away. Here are nine products to turn your next staycation into your very own family camping trip.

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