13 Meaningful Gift Ideas For Your Godchild's Baptism

by Tabitha Britt
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When it comes to something as serious (and as special) as a child’s first baptism or christening, there are a few rules you should probably follow while looking for baptism gifts. For example, it’s customary for godparents to gift their godchildren with baptism gifts (but of course, grandma and grandpa will probably want to shower their newly baptized grandchild with gifts, too!). These gifts are typically more sentimental than the other presents that the child will receive, and are cherished for years to come.

While baby baptism gifts are traditionally religious in nature, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your gift has to be too. (So, don’t be nervous if you practice a different religion!) In the end, anything that’s sweet and from the heart will do.

If you’re still uncertain of where to start, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best baptism gift ideas you can find online—from baptism gifts for boys and girls to personalized christening gifts, we’ve got you covered.

Baby Baptism Gifts & Personalized Christening Gifts

Baptism Gifts for Boys

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Baptism Gifts for Girls


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