Holy Toys, Batman! This Batman Merch Is DC Fankid-Approved

by Kyle Schurman
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Almost every kid goes through a Batman phase and wants ALL the Batman toys (TBH many of us, parents included, still love Batman) just like how almost every kid will go through a Disney character toy phase. And since this DC superhero comes with a lot of accessories, it’s almost impossible to put a cap on all the best Batman toys, but we did our best. Batman is one of the most popular superheroes, in part because most people can relate to Batman. He doesn’t have superpowers. He has to build everything on his own and use his brain to outwit his foes. Some of us can even relate to his dark side … which is why quite a few of the new Batman movies are not made for kids. (At least your kid probably doesn’t have feelings about Ben Affleck’s Batman and that’s probably for the best.)

Instead, you may want to introduce your kids to the Batman character through comic books, cartoons, and the best Batman toys for kids. These toys are fun and rarely focus on the troubled, dark side of Batman’s character. (There’s plenty of time for kids to investigate the brooding Dark Knight version of Batman when they’re older.)

One of the great things about Batman toys is that they spark imaginative and unstructured playtime. Kids can dress up like Batman and dream up amazing adventures. Or they can use figurines and LEGO kits to make up their own stories involving the characters in the Batman universe.

Who knows? You may inspire your kid to be an everyday super hero through playtime with the best Batman toys Amazon has to offer.

The Best Batman Toys:


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