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January 12, 2021 Updated April 5, 2021

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Almost every kid goes through a Batman phase and wants ALL the Batman toys (TBH many of us, parents included, still love Batman) just like how almost every kid will go through a Disney character toy phase. And since this DC superhero comes with a lot of accessories, it’s almost impossible to put a cap on all the best Batman toys, but we did our best. Batman is one of the most popular superheroes, in part because most people can relate to Batman. He doesn’t have superpowers. He has to build everything on his own and use his brain to outwit his foes. Some of us can even relate to his dark side … which is why quite a few of the new Batman movies are not made for kids. (At least your kid probably doesn’t have feelings about Ben Affleck’s Batman and that’s probably for the best.)

Instead, you may want to introduce your kids to the Batman character through comic books, cartoons, and the best Batman toys for kids. These toys are fun and rarely focus on the troubled, dark side of Batman’s character. (There’s plenty of time for kids to investigate the brooding Dark Knight version of Batman when they’re older.)

One of the great things about Batman toys is that they spark imaginative and unstructured playtime. Kids can dress up like Batman and dream up amazing adventures. Or they can use figurines and LEGO kits to make up their own stories involving the characters in the Batman universe.

Who knows? You may inspire your kid to be an everyday super hero through playtime with the best Batman toys Amazon has to offer.

The Best Batman Toys:

Rubie's Boys DC Comics Batman Costume

When the kid wants to play as Batman, why not dress up like Batman while doing so? This is a great Batman costume with plenty of realistic features. (Unfortunately, it doesn’t come in extra large for that giant 30-something-aged kid in your house who also likes to dress up as a super hero from time to time.)

$36.90 AT AMAZON

Batman Mask And Cape Set

We all know Bruce Wayne — and hence, Batman — has no budgetary restrictions. Being a billionaire tends to give a person that kind of freedom. We’re going to go out on a limb and guess that you are not a billionaire. So if you are looking to give your child a Batman costume on a budget, this mask and cape combination will be fun for dress-up time.

$14.99 AT AMAZON

Mattel Batman Voice Changing Tactical Helmet

Kids love to dress up like Batman, use toys to create Batman stories, and watch Batman movies and cartoons. What’s left? Talking like Batman. This helmet has a voice changing feature to give the kid a Batman-like voice, while also offering a number of sound effects. (Yeah, the kid will drive you crazy with this toy. But, let’s face it, the average parent is already 54% on the way to Crazy-Town, so this only speeds up the process.)

$27.03 AT AMAZON

Batman Interactive Gauntlet

Do you feel like purchasing another noisy Batman toy? (No? OK, but there’s no need for that kind of language while answering.) Well, here it is anyway. This gauntlet glove has play modes and sound effects that will be insanely fun for the kid to use.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Sunny Days Entertainment Indoor Batman Pop Up Play Tent

A few decades ago, when Mom and Dad wanted some alone time, they’d send the kids to the backyard for an overnight campout in a tent. Good luck trying to convince kids to do that these days, unless you’ve installed a WiFi extender out there. So this is the next best thing. Put the kid inside this Batman indoor tent for a basement campout and hope for the best.

$22.99 AT AMAZON

Delta Children DC Comics Batmobile Twin Bed

When I was a kid, I always wanted a race car bed, but I never received one. And after seeing this Batmobile car bed, I’m glad I didn’t. Even decades later, the memories of any race car bed would not have come close to being cool enough after seeing this Batmobile bed, which causes all other race car beds to hang their heads in shame.

$249.99 AT AMAZON

Graphics & More Bat Shield Bicycle Handlebar Bell

When kids start riding a bicycle, having a classic bell attached to the handlebars can be a fun addition. When it has a classic Batman shield logo on it, it graduates to the perfect addition. Maybe this will be the spark that convinces the kid to put down the screen and go bike riding. (A parent can always dream.)


Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart

If the bike bell isn’t enough to have the kid ready to play outside, this pedal kart that’s covered with the Batman logo may do the trick. (No, they don’t make it in an adult size. Dad will have to continue riding his plain old bicycle. Sad.)

$189.99 AT AMAZON

Franco Kids Soft Plush LEGO Batman Toys For Kids

Yeah, we know. Batman isn’t the cuddliest character in the world. But little kids don’t necessarily know that. This plush toy is perfect for giving Batman a cuddly hug. (And maybe that’s just what the Dark Knight truly needs.)

$15.96 AT AMAZON

Gund Jumbo Blue Batman Plush Stuffed Bear

If your kid is a little too young for actual Batman toys, or if the Batman character is still a bit too menacing, this stuffed teddy bear who’s dressed up in a Batman costume will be a nice introduction to the character. After all, a smiling teddy bear could never be a brooding, troubled super hero. Just don’t introduce this teddy bear to the Dark Knight character, or it could undergo a personality transformation.

$29.89 AT AMAZON

Delta Children 6-Bin Toy Storage Organizer DC Super Friends And Batman

Kids hate putting away toys. Parents hate making kids put away toys. So the hope is that with Batman and other super heroes on this storage bin, it will encourage the kids to use it, putting away their toys without constant nagging, cajoling, and threatening on your part. Quit laughing. It could happen.

$77.45 AT AMAZON

Bedtime For Batman Book

We fully understand that Batman does his best work in the cover of darkness. Batman has no bedtime … and you should try to keep this information away from your child at all costs. Do you really want to give a child who idolizes Batman another reason to argue about having to go to bed? This bedtime book is ideal for preschoolers, giving a fun and cute introduction to the Batman character.


Be Brave Like Batman Book

When your child becomes old enough to begin to develop fears of things like whatever is hiding in the closet at 2:30 a.m. that requires your immediate attention, you may ask the child to be braver … between yawns, of course. This illustrated book uses the Batman character to help kids become braver regarding everyday things.


DC Comics Batman LCD Pop Musical Watch

This Batman logo wrist watch plays the theme song and lights up. Flip the watch face, and it displays the time. You might even say it’s an educational toy, as it helps the child learn to tell time. (We wouldn’t say that, but you might.)


Mini Batman Light-Up Bat Signal

When you’re watching a Batman movie, TV show, or cartoon, you know when you see the Bat Signal light up the sky, sh*t is about to go down. (Kind of like when mom uses the kids’ middle names when talking to them, that’s when we all know sh*t’s getting real.) For kids creatively playing with Batman toys to make up adventures, having a mini working Bat Signal on hand will be the perfect finishing touch.


Batman Walkie Talkies For Kids

Sure, these days most kids have smartphones so they can talk to each other at any time. (Not that they ever do, preferring to communicate with text, TikTok, and who knows what else.) Still, there has to be a place for cool Batman walkie talkies in a child’s toy arsenal. These also include sound and light effects for the ideal annoying touch that’s sure to have you ordering the kids to play outside in record time.

$24.99 AT AMAZON

LEGO Juniors Defend The Batcave

For younger children who aren’t quite ready for traditional LEGO Batman sets, try this Juniors set, which has only 150 pieces … which also may appeal to parents who don’t have the patience for a larger LEGO set. It features the Batcave and some villains for extra fun.

$79.75 AT AMAZON

LEGO BrickHeadz Batman Building Kit

LEGO BrickHeadz characters have a seriously creepy quality … and the glow-in-the-dark eyes don’t help. It doesn’t seem to affect their popularity, though. This BrickHeadz Batman kit for ages 10 and up will give you another weird character to add to your collection.

$51.93 AT AMAZON

LEGO DC Mobile Bat Base

Did you know Batman has a semi-truck that carries a mobile Batcave? Now you do. This 743-piece LEGO set is made for ages 6 and up.

$89.95 AT AMAZON

LEGO DC 1989 Batmobile Building Kit

Ready to build your own full-size working Batmobile? Of course not. It would take millions of dollars from Bruce Wayne and multiple engineers and designers to pull that off. (Or at least one Bat Computer.) So how about building a detailed LEGO version of the Batmobile instead? That sounds like a more realistic goal … at least for an older kid, as this kit has more than 3,300 pieces.

$249.95 AT AMAZON

Jada DC Comics 1989 Batmobile

When kids are ready to migrate away from cartoonish Batman toys to those that resemble the Dark Knight, this is an impressive replica of the Batmobile, complete with a figurine.

$24.99 AT AMAZON

Figures Toy Company DC Comics Retro Batman Batmobile

If you’re more of a fan of the campy 1960s TV show Batman and Robin characters, this toy takes you back to those days. You won’t be able to resist singing the theme song as the kids play with this Batmobile. (C’mon, you know the words: “Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na” … and so on.)

$59.99 AT AMAZON

Hot Wheels Batman 6-Vehicle Bundle

For kids who love Hot Wheels and Batman, these die-cast toy vehicles will make an ideal Batman toys gift, featuring plenty of detail for Batman fans to enjoy. (Best of all, Hot Wheels don’t make any noise or create flashing lights. Peace and quiet, at last!)

$39.98 AT AMAZON

Hot Wheels Batman Dark Knight Rises Batplane Elite

Hot Wheels don’t always have to incorporate cars, especially when Batman is involved. This is a 1:50 scale model of the Batplane that contains impressive detail, making a great addition to any collection of Batman toys.

$19.90 AT AMAZON

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Surround Batcave

If you want to give kids all of the noise, lights, and imaginative craziness they can handle — and your nerves can handle — this is the ideal toy. In addition to the lights, it has figurines, a spinning Batsuit vault, and jail cells. With dimensions of 2.5 by 4 feet, this is a lot of toy … in more ways than one.

$115.00 AT AMAZON

Fisher-Price Imaginext Batbot

As all Batman fans know, Bruce Wayne can dream up almost anything for Batman to use, which means toymakers can go crazy when developing the best Batman toys … such as with this Batman tank-robot combination. (It’s OK if you feel a little emotional when seeing this monstrosity. Sometimes, a toy is so insanely perfect, it brings a tear to your eye. We understand.)

$90.06 AT AMAZON

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Transforming RC Batmobile

Kids love remote control cars. Kids love Batman. Hence, this remote control Batmobile is the second greatest dynamic duo pairing of all time.

$58.00 AT AMAZON

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Ninja Armor Batmobile

What if Batman had crazy ninja skills? We’re pretty sure he’d drive a bad-ass ninja Batmobile like this one. We don’t believe Batman would carry a giant Samurai sword like is found here, but we’re also guessing cool ninja Batman doesn’t have any desire to follow the traditional rules of the Batman character.

$19.97 AT AMAZON

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Batsub

Of course Batman has a Batsub. Why wouldn’t he? We’re not sure there’s a vehicle on the planet of which Batman doesn’t own some version of it. How many vehicles does Batman have? Let’s just say we wouldn’t want to have to pay Batman’s personal property tax bill. It’s a good thing Bruce Wayne is a billionaire.

$18.65 AT AMAZON

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Batman 80th Anniversary Figurines

If seeing Batman in his traditional costume is too boring for your kids, these figurines are made with them in mind. Check out these crazy alternative costumes, and maybe your kid will want to design a few of his or her own for Batman to wear.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

DC Comics Batman 12" Action Figure

No collection of the best Batman toys for kids would be complete without a classic action figure. No, it doesn’t light up or talk or do homework, but it can still be fun to play with. (You may have to introduce the kid to the concept of using his or her “imagination” for creating adventures with this toy, but it’ll be worth it.)

$15.99 AT AMAZON

Funkoverse: DC Comics Batman Board Game

The Funkoverse game, made for ages 10 and up, gives you a strategy game that helps you bring the characters from the world of Batman and DC to life. It’ll be a fun board game to play over and over, because you can choose different scenarios. Plus it has those weirdly cute Funko-style figurines. What more could you want?

$20.51 AT AMAZON

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