Best Baby Changing Tables, According To Mom 2021

9 Baby Changing Tables That Make The Diaper Change Struggle A Little Easier On Mom

July 31, 2020 Updated February 8, 2021

Baby Changing Tables

Newsflash: You’re going to be changing a whole lot of diapers in those first couple months (and years) of parenthood—like a lot of diapers. And you’re going to need a place to do all this dirty work that A) won’t add to your already aching back and B) has the functionality to store all of your diaper-changing essentials.

Changing tables serve the obvious purpose of giving you the space required to change your squirmy and uncooperative baby and usually come with some important features that help you get the job done, including raised guard rails and extra storage space for all that diaper cream you’ll be needing. Changing tables also add to that whole traditional nursery vibe that so many first-time moms go for. (By the time the second one comes around, you’re ready to change them on just about anything. The back of your partner’s pick-up truck? Sure, why not?)

While changing tables certainly fit under the “furniture” category on your baby registry, they don’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can find a high-quality changing table with all of the bells and whistles for less than what you’re paying for your kid’s car seat! That makes them a bit more fun to shop for, at the very least. But there are tons of different styles to choose from, including the basic stand-alone option with bare bones storage shelves, convertible changing tables that double as dressers for when your kid has finally learned how to wipe his own a**, and two-in-one changers that are connected right to your baby’s crib.

Here are some of the most popular changing tables out there today that moms and dads applaud for their safety, storage and functionality.

Graco Story Changing Table

Graco is a brand name you will find across nearly all categories of baby gear, from high chairs and car seats to cribs and, of course, changing tables. Needless to say, Graco is a brand that parents trust. They create durable, high-quality products at an affordable cost that are designed to grow with your child— so many of their products are meant to last you their entire childhood at least! Made from high-quality pine wood as well as composites, their Story Changing Table comes with a water-resistant changing pad as well as safety straps to keep your little bugger in place. It comes in a non-toxic finish and meets ASTM International and CPSC safety standards. Lastly, the Story Changing Table is designed to match with their Story Customizable 5-in-1 Convertible Crib with Drawer and Graco Story 3-Drawer Transitional Chest, so you can purchase all three for a matching set. 


Little Seeds Monarch Hill Ivy Metal Changing Table

If your little one’s nursery has a sophisticated and feminine vibe with an old-Hollywood aura (think the glamour of Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn), this changing table (and its matching accessories) will make for a fitting addition to the room. It’s made of a sturdy, powder-coated metal with a non-toxic finish and features an arched metal frame with ball castings made to look like the classic wrought-iron furniture of the early 1900s. The two shelves—each of which can support up to 30 lbs—are left bare and are large enough to fit beautiful woven baskets underneath to store diapers, wipes, onesies, butt cream, etc. Not into gold chrome? They also sell the changing table in gray, pink and white as well as a matching crib and toddler bed in the same hues. The entire table ships flat right to your door and is easily assembled in the comfort of your home.

$163.22 AT AMAZON

Delta Children Ava 3 Drawer Baby Changing Dresser

Delta is one of the most popular brands in the changing-table arena for a few reasons. The first is that they make quality furniture that’s accessible and practical for the new parent. Their construction is also strong and sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down after a handful of months. While they have dozens of different designs, the Ava is one of their most popular because of its sleek and modern style and the fact that you can use it as a standard dresser for years to come (the changing topper can be removed altogether). It has three spacious drawers in which you can store all of your diapering essentials and a spot on top to place the changing pad. It’s tested for lead and other toxic elements and you can also wallmount it to ensure that it won’t tip over when your little one’s in the crawling and pulling-up stage. 

$259.99 AT AMAZON

DaVinci Autumn 4 Drawer Dresser & Universal Change Tray

Spending a little extra for a piece of furniture that will follow your child through to adulthood isn’t a bad idea (like at all). The Autumn Dresser by Davinci is a favorite among moms and dads building a nursery, because it captures a classic design that’s sleek, clean and subtle to match pretty much any decor. One of its best features is that it grows with your baby. You can convert it into a changing table by adding the changing tray on top and when your baby transitions to toddlerhood (and beyond), you can easily remove the topper to convert it into a regular dresser (the changing tray is sold separately). What is included, however, is a tip-over restraint device to help secure it to the wall. Each drawer is nice and roomy so you can store all of your baby’s clothes, diapers, creams, lotions, bedding, bath towels, and more.

$500.00 AT AMAZON

Dream On Me Emily Changing Table

If you are looking to spend as little as possible on a changing table, the Dream On Me Emily is an excellent choice. It features a 5 ½-inch safety rail that keeps your baby where she’s meant to be during diaper changes—securely on the changing table (even amidst all those squirms). It also has a nice open design below featuring two roomy shelves so you can keep all your baby’s essentials conveniently located right where you need them. One reviewer, who’s dealt with her fair share of changing tables as a mama of 9, has this to say about the Dream On Me Emily Changing Table: “For one, it’s insanely cheap! It was easy to put together. It’s made really well and it looks good. If you’re looking for an inexpensive, well made changing table you should take a chance on this one!”

$97.99 AT AMAZON

Storkcraft Portofino 4-in-1 Fixed Side Convertible Crib and Changer

Want to really save on money and space? Purchase a crib and changing table all in one. The Storkcraft Portofino offers you just that and more because in addition to serving as a changing table and crib it also converts into a toddler bed, day bed or a full bed as the kiddos grow. For the first year, the mattress has three adjustable positioning settings, keeping them safely inside the crib. Talk about a product that grows with you! The all-in-one solution also comes with a water-resistant changing station and water-resistant changing pad as well as three drawers below and three open shelves in the rear so you have lots of room for storage. You can choose from one of two finishes—espresso and white—to match your nursery decor.

One reviewer said, “We bought this crib for our 4th baby as our 3rd is still in a crib himself only being 16 months. We’ve had it a couple months now though set up and it’s fantastic. The drawers are a realistic size. The shelves are a nice touch also.”

$349.99 AT AMAZON

Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table with Changing Pad

If you are looking for a basic changing table without the frills that will match pretty much any nursery decor you’ve got going on, this is a great option. It comes in six different colors— Black, Black Cherry Espresso, Dark Chocolate, Espresso Cherry, Grey and White—and a water-resistant changing pad with a safety strap is included in the price. It has safety rails that enclose all four sides for added security as well as a wood construction that meets government and American Society for Testing and Materials safety standards. Although you have to put it together yourself (like most changing tables), reviewers say it’s a pretty foolproof process. “They were some of the best instructions I’ve read for furniture,” quipped one reviewer. These are just some of the reasons why the Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table is one of the top-rated on Amazon—earning a 4.5-rating from 1,200+ reviewers.

$112.99 AT AMAZON

Graco Lauren Changing Table on Wheels

Clean and simple is the design aesthetic of this Graco changing table. It has everything you need to change your baby and the best part is that it’s easy to assemble, unlike so many others on the market. The large and open shelves give you ample storage to keep diapers, wipes, blankets, crib sheets and more. It also comes with a changing pad, so you don’t have to buy one separately, as well as a safety strap to keep your kiddo in place while you’re changing his diaper. One of its best and most unique qualities is the four rollers it moves on with four locking wheels. This gives you easy mobility to move it from one side of the nursery to the other and the assurance that it won’t go running off once you lock it in place. It also takes up relatively little space in your nursery, which makes it an ideal solution for small spaces and city apartments. 

$99.99 AT AMAZON

Ikea Gulliver Changing Table

Can you ever really go wrong with an Ikea changing table—or an Ikea anything for that matter? Considering the insanely affordable price, the answer is usually not! This charming little white changing table would make the perfect fit to pretty much any nursery no matter the decor or theme. It has two spacious tiers below for storage, which is perfect for keeping all of your diapering essentials (just buy some cute woven baskets and you’re good to go). It also has protective boundaries on the top changer so that your little one isn’t inclined to roll right off the moment you turn to toss away his diaper. As one reviewer put it: “With the addition of several small baskets, this changing table not only holds all his diaper supplies, but most of his clothes, blankets and burp cloths as well.” 


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