Best Disposable & Reusable Baby Swim Diapers: Mom-Approved For 2020

8 Best Disposable & Reusable Swim Diapers Of 2020— Keep Your Baby & Toddler Splashin’ All Summer

June 22, 2020 Updated June 30, 2020

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Whether you’ve just inflated the kiddie pool and floaties or you’re heading to the beach or pool club, if you have a water baby who’s not potty trained, swim diapers are a water play essential. Available in both reusable and disposable varieties, baby swim diapers are different from regular ones because they won’t absorb water and swell (and inevitably, fall off). One thing to note: their sole purpose is to keep solids contained as opposed to providing absorption, so — you guessed it — pee usually passes right through (although, some reusable diapers are able to hold it all in). Therefore, it’s best to put swim diapers on just before hitting the water.

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To save you time shopping, we’ve rounded up the best baby swim diapers available at retailers like Walmart and Amazon. From  popular reusable brands like i play. and Splash About to disposable options from Huggies and Pampers (let’s hope Honest and Hello Bello launch swim diapers soon), these adorable options will help ensure good, clean fun for everyone. Grab your sunscreen and rash guards, and the kids, of course!

Best Disposable Swim Diapers

Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swim Diapers (20 count)

If your Finding Nemo fan loves to “just keep swimming,” have them slip on one of these Pixar-themed diapers before hitting the pool! Unsurprisingly, this leading baby brand has nailed the disposable swim diaper. Available in sizes for kiddos from 16 to 32+ pounds, they’re designed with adjustable sides for a snug fit to contain messes without excess swelling for a fun day of water play. After all, what water baby wants to be anchored down?

“I don’t care for the other brand name out there because they are scented,” says a Walmart reviewer. “These are unscented and I love so my baby does not break out in a rash.” Adds another, “I used these while at the beach with my 10-month-old! They are very stretchy, which was great for my little crawler! Good protection, and even kept most of the sand out!”


Pampers Splashers Disposable Swim Diapers (20 count/twin pack)

Pampers Splashers are designed to have a swimwear-like fit, making them a favorite for parents of soon-to-be “big kids.” They’re designed with all-around stretch so they can easily be pulled on and off (even when wet!) plus side closures for easy, clean changes. Add in the adorable sea creature and summer prints, and you’ve got a diaper that does the job — and looks good while doing it. Since they’re available in sizes to accommodate babies from 13 to 40 pounds, you’ll love using Splashers from the time your little one is months-old until he or she is potty trained. 

“These swim diapers are awesome!” says an Amazon reviewer. “They can last a long time in the water, and I find they are easy to rip off (along the little seams by the hips) when you are done to throw away. I like that there aren’t tabs to pull because I want them to pull on like normal swim bottoms, and I don’t want my toddler to pull open the tabs like I know she can do with her diapers.”


Best Reusable Swim Diapers

Splash About Happy Nappy Reusable Swim Diaper

At first glance, it’s easy to see that Splash About’s swim diapers are different. A high-rising waist band plus extra material that covers the upper thighs are stretchy and snug, offering extra leakage protection for Mom’s peace of mind. These swim trunk-diaper hybrids are washable like any other reusable swim diaper, and can fit baby bums from the time they’re newborns ’til they’re toddling at 3 years old. (For extra protection, you can layer with a swim diaper liner and wrap, as well.) They’re also UPF 50+ to help with sun protection. Oh, and can we mention how freakin’ cute they are, too? Check out all 14+ designs.

“Nice and snug around the legs and waist, but not so much that mobility is impacted,” says a reviewer. “All swimming nappy contents (and minor spillages) remained within the splash about so couldn’t be happier- after all no one wants to be the reason they shut the pool for a poop clean!”


i play. Reusable Swim Diaper

These simple-but-effective reusable swim diapers have earned Amazon best seller status for a reason (over 2,000 ratings!). Available in five solid hues ranging from bold to neutral, they’re easy to match with your kiddo’s favorite rash guard top, and even have UPF 50+ protection. A stretchy waist band makes the i play. swim diapers easy to pull on and off (just like “big kids” would do), but if the diaper gets full, four side snaps make it easy to take off while the mess stays put.

Reviewers say that this diaper manages to keep *everything* contained. “I was really pleasantly surprised at how well it fits,” says a buyer. “Additionally, it seemed to do a great job of keeping pee in once he was outside the water. That is an upgrade from a regular disposable swim diaper for sure! Even after repeated swims in a lake (which turns ANYTHING close to white a dingy brown), the inside of the diaper was just as white as it was when it came out of the package. That means that outer layer is darn good at keeping lake water out!”


Beau & Belle Littles Reusable Swim Diaper

Is your little splasher particularly stylish? A favorite among Amazon shoppers, the Nageuret Reusable Swim Diaper is chic enough to rival the swimwear of any Insta-influencer. It’s designed with multiple rows of snaps for an adjustable fit that’ll grow with your baby for at least a year. And if you’re not satisfied over time? The company’s “1-Year Better Than Money Back Guarantee” will give you a refund and a new diaper. The icing on the cake is that you’ll be supporting a family-owned business in Colorado that also donates 5% of proceeds to Compassion International.

“This swim diaper is GREAT!” says a reviewer. “We wore out the first one by swimming nearly every day throughout summer during the first two years of my son’s life, and it held up great considering the amount of use it got. We just ordered our second one for my now 2-year-old and it’s the best purchase and a huge money saver.”


ALVABABY Reusable Swim Diapers (2 pack)

It’s no secret that babies outgrow their clothes seemingly overnight, so if you’re looking for an adjustable swim diaper to last you a full year maybe even two! the Amazon best selling ALVABABY swim diaper is just the ticket. That’s because it comes with three rows of snaps for a tighter or looser fit for growing baby bums. If you’re skeptical as to whether it’ll hold up for a year, the brand offers a generous one year guarantee where you can receive a replacement diaper or refund if you’re unsatisfied. Bonus: They come in two-packs so you’ll always have a dry one on hand.

Ratings for ALVABABY swim diapers are overwhelmingly positive. “We are not cloth diaper users, however, my daughter was too small for disposable swim diapers when we were leaving for vacation in the Caymans,” shares a reviewer. “These are awesome because you can really adjust them to fit your baby due to there being a bunch of different snaps. This really allows for a customized fit and longer use of the diaper, as you can adjust it as your baby grows.”


Best Bathing Suit / Swim Diaper Combos

Splash About Happy Nappy Reusable Diaper Swimsuit

And now, the Splash About swimsuit version! If your heart melts at the sight of teeny-tiny one pieces, this nappy/bathing suit combo is perfect for pre-potty-trained tykes. The bottom half contains ribs around the thighs and waist to keep accidents from spilling up or out, all without the need of another swim diaper underneath. These suits are also chlorine-resistant so they’ll look just as cute from the beginning of summer to the end.

“It’s adorable with a retro kind of vibe, made very well, and is functional,” says a reviewer. “The swim diaper part has a protective flap of material to safeguard any mess from coming up into the suit, and the leg openings are rather tight to contain, too. It is made out of a wet-suit type of material and is black on the inside (thank you for not having to stain treat white washable swim diapers again!).”


i play. One-Piece Swimsuit With Built-In Reusable Swim Diaper

If you’re looking for a swimsuit/swim diaper brand with lots of prints to choose from, i play. offers 19 sweet options for your precious water bug. The bottom half fits snugly so potties stay put, plus the suit is UPF 50+ to help prevent sunburns. It’s also Oeko-Tex certified for safety against harmful chemicals. Choose from animal, stripe, and floral motifs, as well as ruffled styles for your little water princess.

“I love the i play. swimsuits and I will never buy another without a built in diaper,” says a reviewer. Adds another, “No more having to struggle with a toddler to put on a reusable swim diaper and a swimsuit. Love the cute cross cross straps and print as well. It washes so easily, super durable for in and out of the pool, sand, water, eating in it, on vacations, etc.”


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