Baby And Mama Both Need A Wipe Warmer— We'll Bet You Don't Know How To Use It Best!

by Jane Chertoff
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Lionheart Baby Wipe Warmer

Back before you were a mom, we’re going to bet five dollars that your daily priorities didn’t including things like “assess the comfort of your little one’s tushy.” My, how times have changed.

Now that you change diapers on the reg, you’ll do anything to keep your babe’s precious peach in top form, right? That, of course, means applying top-of-the-line diaper rash cream and using the best diapers. Still, if there’s anything you could do to make diaper changes a bit more pleasant for your baby, you would, right? Enter: the wipe warmer.

Wipe warmers are one of the most debatable registry items out there. So do you really need one? (Spoiler alert: Yes.) Your Aunt Sue probably told you they were pish posh, and back in her day babies didn’t even have baby wipes, let alone wipes that were warmed up before they touch their bottoms. Well…don’t listen to Aunt Sue. A wipe warmer is a mom’s secret weapon, especially if your baby is less than thrilled with the whole getting their diaper changed thing (middle of the night changes need to be swift and a cold wipe does not help in keeping BB asleep).

Here are a few of our favorite wipe warmers, plus a top-secret tip at the end. Hint: mamas can still get use out of the warmer when your baby’s finally potty trained (in what probably feels like 100 years.) Hang in there.

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