Your Kid May Never Be LeBron, But Give 'Em A Ball And Get Them Out Of The House And Off The Console

by Kyle Schurman
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Wilson Kids Basketball

Looking for the best basketball for kids? Basketballs are a great way to give the kids a chance to exercise outdoors … with the emphasis on “out”. No playing ball in the house is kind of a universal rule for all parents. But we all know as soon as we hand that kid a basketball in the kitchen, the bedroom, or the living room, the first thing he or she is going to do is bounce the f****** thing. Still, if you’d prefer the child have some physical exercise versus sitting in front of a gaming console all day, you may have to put up with an indoor bounce or two.

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With our list of the best basketballs for kids, even if you’re not a basketball playing parent, you can find one they’ll wanna use. These are fun basketballs that the kids will love carrying outdoors on the court or inside a gymnasium. Some are even named after their favorite players like Steph Curry and LeBron James (which may be a great gift for boyfriends too! *hint hint*)

The kids receive exercise, and the parents receive peace and quiet … for a few minutes anyway. (We’re greedy bastards, and we want more, but every minute is precious.) Check out the best basketballs in youth sizes below! Their little hands will have zero trouble gripping on.

Best Basketballs For Kids

Best Outdoor Basketballs For Kids

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