13 Best Toddler Trampolines for Indoor/Outdoor Fun 2021, Mom-Approved

The Best Trampolines That Will Keep Toddlers From Bouncing Off The Walls

December 4, 2020 Updated April 6, 2021

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Listen up, moms: toddler trampolines can stop them from bouncing off the walls ’cause they’ll be bouncing on a springy mesh surface, instead. Impossible, you say? That’s up for debate. Unlike the limited options we had growing up, you can get a big or small trampoline for toddlers with features that fit your family’s lifestyle. (Also, Amazon.) There are indoor trampoline options perfect for your playroom, or outdoor trampoline sets that come with swings and slides. And if you have teens that could use more fresh air and less screen time (or maybe you want to blow off some steam, yourself) you can snag a larger trampoline for some spirited backyard bouncing.

Are Trampolines Safe for Toddlers?

While super fun, trampolines do pose a risk of injury for our little ones. The best way to avoid this is, of course, to keep an eye while they’re jumping, but to also purchase trampolines for toddlers that will catch and protect them if they fall. There are safety features like built-in nets and grippy handlebars for your peace of mind. (Either way, that’s much better than their new habit of jumping off of their kids loft bed, amiright?)

So if you’re ready to complete your indoor or outdoor toddler’s home gymnasium — the result of desperation during months of quarantine — stay tuned. We’ve included fan favorites like the Little Tikes toddler trampoline, Skywalker toddler trampoline, and so much more. Check out our picks for the best trampolines for toddlers! Trust us, you’ll appreciate having one this summer and they will too.

Best Toddler Trampolines 

Little Tikes 3-Ft Trampoline

Short on space? No problem. Little Tikes’ 3-foot mini trampoline will help your little one burn energy without taking up too much room. The padded handlebar helps kids keep their balance as they build their coordination with all that jumping practice. Designed for kids ages 3-6, this would make a great addition to a playroom or exercise room to keep your child entertained while you get your own workout in.

“Of all the things I’ve bought my son, this was definitely worth the money!” shares Kelly. “He uses this every single day, probably 8-12 times each day! It really helps him burn off extra energy. I love that he can get a good workout in when I’m unable to take him for a walk or to the park, or on a rainy day.”


Skywalker Trampolines Mini Trampoline with Enclosure Net

Ready, set, take off! This indoor trampoline will (safely) send your little jumper into the atmosphere. The jump pad has space-themed designs, and this trampoline even makes space sounds as your kiddo bounces! But FYI, you can turn the soundbox off, and there are six colors to choose from, some with different themes and without sounds. You can also pick from 40-, 48-, and 60-inch surfaces. And, keep in mind that this model is designed for indoor use only. Other features that set this option apart is the bar that circles the middle (perfect for little ones learning to balance) and the netting attached to the jump pad, so there are no gaps that little hands or feet could slide under.

 “I bought these for my 2 and 3-year-old boys for their birthdays,” share The Hummels. “This was everything I was expecting. I love love love the bar around the middle – that’s why I bought this one over all others I saw. My boy at 1.5 on a friend’s trampoline needed the bar to keep from falling, and to feel more secure.”

$63.89 AT AMAZON

Trampolines With Handles For Toddlers

ATIVAFIT 36-Inch Folding Small Trampoline

A lot of trampolines for toddlers come in generic black and blue colors. That’s cool and all, but sometimes you and your little one want a little more pizzaz. This bright pink folding trampoline is a great option! The handles will make the feel extra secure while the color will brighten their day. Oh, and it comes in four other colors too 😉


Pure Fun Ladybug Plush Jumper

The Pure Fun Toddler Trampoline is compact, but still a great size for your little one. At 36-inches in diameter, your toddler will have plenty of room to have fun with their new lady bug best friend, while giving you the space you need. “It is one of the top 3 purchases we have ever made for our girls!” said one mama. “It is the first thing they go-to in the morning and the last thing they do before our bedtime routine.”


Galt Toddler Trampoline

This adorable trampoline is meant for kiddos ages 1 and up. The turtle design is one they’ll be obsessed with and the attached handle is comfortable and perfectly sized for their little hands. One reviewer said, “Bought this as a xmas gift for my almost 2 year old grand daughter with lots of energy and love to jump up and down. It took only 5 minutes to put it together and product so far has been working well with her using it every day. Very sturdy and I feel very safe when she uses it. Highly recommend it.”

$68.28 AT AMAZON

Best Toddler Trampolines With Net

LANGXUN 5-Foot Mini Trampoline

Have a mini dunker on your hands? This sunshiny 5-foot trampoline comes with its own basketball hoop for your tot to practice their shots! You’ll love that this option has a seamless net enclosure, padding, and is low to the ground; your child will love bouncing around and feeling like a basketball star. Either way, it’s a win-win for you and your kids ages 1-8. It’s also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

“Awesome trampoline for a playroom!” raves Kristie Buchanan. “I love this trampoline because it’s the perfect size up from the toddler jumper. Another huge reason I love this trampoline is because I wanted an indoor trampoline and this is not too big and not too small. My daughter loves it and she’s 8.”


Little Tikes 7-Ft Climb 'N Slide Trampoline

For a toddler-friendly option built for outdoor use, check out this 7-foot bouncer from Little Tikes. In addition to bouncing while inside the trampoline, energetic kiddos will love climbing the ladder and zooming down the slide to get on and off of it. Along with the netting enclosure, you can rest assured that all metal parts are covered in soft foam as an added safety measure. It’s like a jungle gym and trampoline, all in one!

“This was very easy to put together,” says Jenna W. “I helped my husband with a few small things but he did it in just over an hour. We are really happy that our two-year-old can get in and out on his own. They’ve been on it all afternoon and it is still a hit. We are happy we bought it.”

$249.00 AT AMAZON

Safest Mini Trampolines For Toddlers

Giantex 7-Ft Kids Trampoliine with Safety Enclosure

With a maximum weight of 220 pounds, Giantex’s 7-foot trampoline means years of fun for your kiddo. The enclosure net attaches to the mat without gaps and the foam pads that cover the poles are both functional and colorful. This option is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and since it’s low to the ground, it’s easy for kids to climb in and out all by themselves. It also comes in three color options: blue, green, and yellow.

“I purchased this item for my grandchildren,” says B.A. Quill. “It caught my attention by the description of safety and the use of non-rust materials. My son said it was simple to assemble and my grandchildren are in heaven! The height is perfect for little ones to enter and exit and the superior quality of the springs give it perfect support. The added foam around the risers and the netting make for a safe environment for the children and a little peace of mind for the parents.”


JUMP POWER Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline & Swing Combo

This option features two-for-one fun! JUMP POWER’s trampoline has a built-in swing, fulfilling any kid’s dreams of flying off into the atmosphere (then landing safely on a soft, bouncy, enclosed surface). In addition to its fun blue and orange colors, there’s a dino pattern decorating the exterior padding, adding to the playfulness. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, this option is ideal for kids ages 3-10 up to 110 pounds.

“Awesome trampoline!” says Sonja S. “Our boys love it as well as we do. It is very sturdy and the springs aren’t exposed at all. The foam is thick on the metal poles and the netting is strong. Our boys can jump safely without falling out. We keep it a foot away from the wall so no one hits the wall. I can see this lasting many years especially with us keeping it indoors.”

$299.99 AT AMAZON

Best Mini Trampolines For Toddlers (& Up)

Doufit Trampoline for 2 Kids

Most other trampolines suggest one jumper at a time, but the indoor/outdoor Doufit Trampoline is actually built for two. The adjustable handle changes height and with a 220-pound weight limit, a parent can even bounce along with their child. (Maybe the two of you can begin a fun new exercise routine?) Since this trampoline is low to the ground and has a handlebar and padding covering the springs, it’s also a safe, net-less option for energetic kids of (almost) all ages.

This trampoline is “kid and parent-approved,” according to reviewer Nicole. “We were in desperate need of an indoor piece of equipment to allow two young kids (2 and 4) to burn off excess energy while cooped up inside. I shopped for a long time and finally settled on this model. It did not disappoint! It is sturdy, generously sized, safe, and was simple to assemble.”


BCAN 40" Foldable Mini Trampoline

If you’re looking for a compact option that can be stashed when not in use, look no further! This 40-inch pick from BCAN is foldable for optimum portability. It’s also equipped with an adjustable handle and holds up to 330 pounds, so heck — when the kids aren’t using it, you can get in a workout, too. And since it’s so packable, it can be used inside or toted outside for play or exercise (just don’t leave it out).

“Very easy to put together (put together Christmas night by myself),” says Victoria Lincoln. “Impressed with how small it is folded down. Kids love it and have been using it daily since getting it.”


Other Great Trampoline Options

Giantex 10-Foot Trampoline

Got big kids or teens who need to be entertained (sans screens)? Giantex’s 10-foot trampoline is the perfect solution. In addition to its large surface area, it has a 300-pound weight limit, so even if your kids are on the younger side, there’s plenty of room to grow. This jumper has a safety net and foam-padded poles to keep bouncing kiddos on the inside, and there’s a zipper entrance and ladder so they can easily climb on and off. If you’re looking for something smaller, Giantex also makes 8-, 12-, 14-, 15-, and 16-foot versions of their well-rated bouncer.

“I have to say, as crazy as it sounds, the thing that impresses me most with this trampoline is how quiet it is!” comments Tiffany P. “It’s sturdy, too. The quality of all parts is amazing! If you are looking for a nice, quiet, sturdy trampoline for older kids, this is the one!”

$379.99 AT AMAZON

HABITRIO 16-Foot Trampoline with Enclosure Net

With a weight limit of 375 pounds, this 16-foot trampoline is safe for big kids, teens, and yes, adults too. Like its competitor, above, it has a safety net, padded poles, a zipper entrance, and ladder; but as a bonus, athletic jumpers will love its built-in basketball hoop. Note that a ball isn’t included, but may we suggest dunking something made of foam or lightweight plastic as opposed to a traditional basketball? Aesthetic-wise, you can choose from three accent colors: blue, green, or white.

Some reviewers admit it can be tricky to put together but are pleased with the end result. “Kids love it,” reports Anon. “Sturdy and safe. We liked txhat the net is inside the spring area and it has a good weight limit for growing kids. Basketball hoop/piece is nice and solid, too.”

$579.99 AT AMAZON

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