8 Best Kids' Swimming Goggles That Don’t Leak Or Fog— #You're Welcome

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Kids Swim Goggles

Nothing spoils a pool day faster than a pair of crappy kids’ swimming goggles. Swimming goggles that leak, fog, or keep slipping off is not something a child wants to be bothered with—and to be frank, neither do we (putting on bathing suits and swim diapers was a battle all its own, and don’t even get us started on sunscreen). Red-rimmed eyes, along with those raccoon imprints from too-tight swimming goggles, are true tell-tale signs that your little might need a new pair of kids’ swimming goggles.

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When looking for kids’ swim goggles, you want to pay special attention to how the eye sockets (or gaskets) fit little eyes. It’s not enough to tighten the straps on an adult pair and call it a day. If the eye gaskets are too big, you’re pretty much guaranteeing constant leaks. Here is a tip we learned from the pros: for a perfect fit, make sure that the goggles suction to your kiddos eyes without a strap, even if it is just for a few seconds. That way when you put the strap over their head, the likelihood of leaking is zilch.

You also want to pay attention to how straps are made. (Anyone who’s had swim goggles with those rubberized bands that look like something that holds broccoli knows that these are essentially hair ripping devices.) The new generation of goggles have much better rubber straps, and if you have any concerns, go for silicone swim goggles straps—even Rapunzel wouldn’t have a hair issue.

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Pretty much every pair we found boasts super-duper UV protection and tinted lenses—trust us, learning to float like a star fish is much easier if your kid isn’t blinded by the blazing sun— and are guaranteed to make time by the pool less whiny (how many times can they ask for a towel to dry their eyes?).

Now, that you’re prepped for the pool, pull out the new rash guards and let the kids swim their crazies out.

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