The Best 'Mandalorian' Halloween Costume Ideas — And Before You Ask, Yes, We Have A Baby Yoda Costume ... Or 4

by Kyle Schurman
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Mandalorian halloween costumes

At the time Disney acquired the Star Wars brand, it was already a huge success, featuring Star Wars toys, merchandise, and clothing … and maybe a movie or two. So when Disney announced The Mandalorian, which is a new story arc in the Star Wars world, as one of its keystone shows on the new streaming Disney+ service, the company probably knew it was going to have a relatively popular show on its hands. Popular enough to warrant many new Halloween costumes.

Then Baby Yoda happened.

Baby Yoda elicited a viral response that even mighty Disney could not have predicted (but let’s be real, they probably did). Baby Yoda toys and collectibles were not ready for the response, creating a shortage that just drove demand higher and leaving Disney playing catch-up. Hell, Disney even green-lighted a Baby Yoda Chia Pet.

With the second season of The Mandalorian set to begin around Halloween, the frenzy is sure to restart soon. So why not get ahead of the game this time and use our list of the best Mandalorian costumes for Halloween to be prepared to be the star of any party or costume contest? (Yes, we have multiple Baby Yoda costumes in our list. No, we didn’t only list Baby Yoda costumes. Sorry.)

If your kid already has his or her heart set on a ghost, a cheerleader, or another great Halloween costume, we understand. Just keep this story in mind for next Halloween, and you can put off being the coolest parent in the neighborhood until next year. Or if you need some non-Halloween gift ideas, we have many other interesting kids gear buying guides to help you find something you cannot resist. (Fair warning: None of them will have anything as cute as a Baby Yoda, but then again, what is?)


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