Stick It, Don't Pick It: These Pimple Patches Will Banish That Blemish

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Peace Out Acne Patches

Once upon a time, if you had a pimple, you’d bust out a tube of white paste or clear gel treatment and hope for the best. “The best,” of course, meant not only shrinking the offending blemish but hoping you didn’t forget you put it on and accidentally leave the house with dried, flaky treatment spots all over your face. And that was if it didn’t all rub off on your sheets and pillowcases at night! These days, things are easier and more efficient, thanks to the invention of the pimple patch (or acne sticker). Small, circular, adhesive hydrocolloid bandages–many invisible enough to wear out under makeup during the day–have Changed. The. Game. So which is the best pimple patch for your under-the-skin enemy? We’ve done a little digging–but no picking, obv-to find the most beloved blemish banishers.

What makes an acne sticker more effective than the old-school treatments in the battle against blemishes? It’s all about how it absorbs fluid from a pimple (it literally sucks the gunk out front under the skin), penetrates more deeply with treatment, and blocks against other aggravating offenders like bacteria and pop-happy fingers. The result: less inflammation and redness, faster healing, and less likelihood of scarring–perfect for those of us who really struggle with just leaving those damn pimples alone. Ahem.

Of course, not every pimple patch is created equal. The options available vary in size, transparency, thickness, ingredients, and what type of blemish they’re best for. Some are best worn overnight and some can hide in plain sight. If online customer reviews are any indication (they are), the top-rated acne-sticker options ahead can be considered leaders of the pimple-fighting pack. Scroll on to find the best pimple-patch pick–er, purchase–that will have your skin in the clear.

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