8 Best Products To Tackle Stretch Marks & Hyperpigmentation Caused By Pregnancy—And Life

by Jenn Sinrich
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Best Stretch Marks Product

While many pregnancy side-effects are short term— like morning sickness that lasts all day, heartburn that lasts all night, postpartum hair loss or the inability to hold in your pee after a light sneeze— others are long-lasting, or even with us, well, forever.

Some of the most pesky and common pregnancy hold-overs, that last well after your baby makes their big debut are skin-issues— usually in the form of stretch marks or hyperpigmentation (aka melasma). They are two top complaints among new moms chatting on Peanut, the app which connects like-minded women throughout fertility, pregnancy and motherhood.

Hyperpigmentation, which causes dark, blotchy patches on the skin, is a result of the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, and it usually appears in patches, as opposed to random spots, on the face, explains Dendy Engelman, M.D., New York City-based cosmetic dermatologist.

Stretch marks are also hormone-related, and they also happen when our skin stretches (or shrinks) in a short amount of time. They can happen to non-pregnant folk too—from growth spurts or weight gain/loss. “When stretch marks are forming initially, collagen, which is responsible for the structure of our skin, becomes thickened and then heals with an abnormal pattern,” explains Papri Sarkar, M.D., a dermatologist in Brookline, Massachusetts. “In addition, elastin, which is responsible for the ability of our skin to snap back to shape, is decreased.” The result? Lovingly loose skin that starts out red or purple and then gradually fades to whitish lines that are sunken into the skin.

The good news about hyperpigmentation and stretch marks? They both get better over time. And, in the interim, there are some really great products out there that can help them fade faster. Here are some of the products dermatologists recommend to their patients to tackle stretch marks and hyperpigmentation.

Best Products to Fight Stretch Marks:

Best Products to Fight Hyperpigmentation:

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