Send Them To The Bag— Instead Of Their Room— When There's Energy To Burn

by Kyle Schurman
Originally Published: 
Pure Punching Bag For Kids

We’ve been told over and over that fighting doesn’t solve anything. We certainly understand that point of view when it comes to people. But then again, hitting something can feel so damn good sometimes. It can also be a seriously good workout.

Punching needs to happen in a smart and safe environment with parental supervision. There are many ways to exercise with your kids when incorporating punching or martial arts striking, including using the best punching bags for kids at home.

If the kids are taking martial arts classes, working out at home with a punching bag is fun and beneficial to skill development.

And when they’re asleep, a kids punching bag can be a nice way to release some tension and frustration for you, too. Your miserable SOB of a boss won’t bother you quite as much when you spend the previous night using a karate punching bag … and if you want to tape the boss’ face to the bag, we’re not going to stop you. (Just remove it before the kids start using the bag again later, or you may have to explain some things to them you’d rather not discuss.)

If punching bags are a bit too physical, we have dozens of other kids toys buying guides to help you find calming toys … and perhaps even your sanity.


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