9 Best Men's & Women's Swim Shirts— Wear A Rash Guard, Skip The Sunburn

by Jessica Waller
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As a parent, having a pool day or beach adventure with your kids most likely isn’t the relaxing luxury it once was. Between making sure everyone’s avoiding the deep end or staying out of the surf at high tide to slathering on more family safe SPF every 20 minutes to wrangling floaties and swim diapers and baby sunglasses (whew!), it’s a lot more work than it used to be. Which is why those teeny string bikinis you used to wear are, quite frankly, no longer up to the task at hand (not that they have to be total mom bathing suits, either). Enter rash guards, the comfy, chic—and yes, functional—alternative you need for your next water day.

Rash guards are the swim version of a mom cardigan (we mean no shade!), equating to waaaay less tugging and zero re-tying so you can keep your mind on other matters, like how to keep sand off those sandwiches you lovingly prepped for lunch. Full-coverage rash guards also offer extra sun protection, so you have one less thing to worry about (but please still wear SPF underneath, too!).

We’ve rounded up the best rash guards for women and men in a range of options, from long sleeve to short sleeve, from one-piece rash guard swimsuits to crop tops. Find your fave, then sit back and revel in its sheer functionality. We found the best skin-safe rash guards for kids as well. You’re welcome!

Rash Guards/Short & Long Sleeve Swim Shirts for Women

Rash Guards/Short & Long Sleeve Swim Shirts for Men

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