Best Kids Remore Control Tanks According To Mom For 2020 – Army Toys

8 Best Remote Control Tanks— The Battle (Of Army Tank Toys) Is About To Begin

Remote Control Army Toys

For many years, kids wanting to play army were relegated to plastic little green army men or — finally — little green army women.

Now, though, there are more options for this type of toy… and your bare feet will be thankful. Step on enough of the plastic army men in the middle of the night, and you’ll gladly ban these plastic toys. (The little green army guys aren’t quite as painful as stepping on LEGOs, but they make a run at it.) The next parent who comes up with a foolproof way to make kids put away their f***ing toys every time and shares it with the world should receive a lifetime award for greatest human of all time.

The plastic army men and women were fun…but they’ve got nothing on remote control tank toys. These bad boys move, they spin, they turn, they light up. They even shoot! (Oh, it’s just infrared light, don’t worry.) And some of them come in packs of two because we know there’ll be a battle over these RC tanks. The opposing tanks can shoot each other, and by the 4th hit (of light), the loser will shut down creating a win! If that’s too much competition, there’s even a tank that battles a fort, so no one gets hurt (or feels bad).

This is a major step up from the little green guys we had as kids, but so is everything else.

Cheerwing German Tiger I Panzer RC Tank

This mini Tiger tank has some impressive authentic details, so it will be a nice remote control army tank for the child who wants to learn more about the history of war. This is a 1/72 scale model.

As an added bonus, it includes plenty of moving parts that will impress the kid who’s not quite as interested in military history. The turret rotates 360 degrees, the entire tank recoils with sound effects when firing the artillery, and the tracks rotate. (But they are made of plastic instead of being metal RC tanks treads.) The tank may travel in all four directions with the remote control.

At about 3 1/2 inches in length, this is a pretty tiny remote control tank. And this may be a good thing, as the kid will not have much luck chasing the family dog around the house with this little tank. Most dogs probably won’t even wake up to acknowledge the tank’s presence.

The Tiger tank runs from a rechargeable battery, while the remote control unit needs alkaline batteries.


Bo-Toys RC Shooting Tank

If the thrill of a remote control tank is not quite enough for you, this Bo-Toys tank takes the fun to a new level. This tank doubles as a model kit with more than 1,250 pieces. First, build the kit of this Storm of the Desert tank. Then you’ll be able to drive it with the remote control unit.

Now, of course, the danger is that your kid will screw up the building of the kit so badly that he or she will never have the chance to drive the thing. This may be a toy that the parent needs to provide a bit of help. (Just don’t let dad take over the entire project.)

This remote control army tank is able to move in any direction, and the turret can rotate 360 degrees. The tank itself runs from rechargeable batteries, while the remote control unit needs alkaline batteries.

This is a large tank, which kids will enjoy. If you’re going to spend a few hours assembling more than 1,000 parts in one of the best RC tanks, trust us, you’re going to want something of substance to work with. (You don’t want to have to use a magnifying glass and tweezers to try to put the thing together, after all.)


POCO DIVO Abrams RC Tank Battle with Rotating Fort

If you’re going to go to the trouble to select one of the best RC tanks, you probably are thinking that you at least want to pick one of the RC tanks that shoot. This POCO VIDO tank will shoot at the included target.

As a comforting safety measure, this M1A2 tank doesn’t actually shoot projectiles. Rather, it shoots infrared beams at the fort. It’s almost like laser tag for army tanks. (This game might even be enough to convince the kid to put down the smartphone, tablet, or gaming console for a bit. We can hope for a miracle after all)

The fort in this kit fires back at the tank, so you can make a contest out of it. The tank has plenty of sound effects. It can move forward and backward, and it can spin. The turret will rotate 300 degrees to help you aim at the fort.

These are decent sized RC tanks that shoot, measuring about 9.5 inches in length. The fort has a diameter of 4.25 inches.



EAHUMM German Tiger Army RC Tank

World War II historians will love this Tiger tank, which includes an impressive number of details that deliver a realistic representation of this classic German tank.

This tank will move forward, backward, and turn left or right using the actual treads on the tank. The turret rotates 330 degrees, allowing you to aim in almost any direction.

At 14 inches in length, this tank is pretty big, so the family pets may be in some danger with this model. It doesn’t fire projectiles, but it does create sound effects when you fire it, so a skittish pet is quickly going to identify this remote control tank as enemy number one.


Heng Long M4A3 Sherman RC Battle Tank

When you want a classic remote control tank from World War II, it’s tough to go wrong with the Sherman tank. This toy is a 1/30 scale model of the M4A3, giving you incredible details and realism.

This RC tank can move in any direction, and it can spin. The turret rotates 320 degrees, allowing you to aim in almost any direction. It has plenty of sound effects that make it especially fun to use, including a recoil when you fire the cannon.

The tank runs from a rechargeable battery, while the remote control takes alkaline batteries.

At about 9 inches in length, this is a perfect sized tank for pre-teen age kids. It works over almost any terrain inside or outside, which is great, as this is the kind of toy that kids are going to instinctively try to put to the test. Fortunately, this Sherman RC tank is tough enough to handle it.


Haktoys Fighting Battle Tanks- Set of 2 RC Tanks

If your kid is the kind who does not play well alone, a remote control army tank may not be the best option. Instead, consider a kit with two battle tanks. RC tanks that shoot at each other makes the game even more enjoyable.

With this Haktoys kit, you’ll receive a pair of 12-inch tanks. Both tanks make realistic sounds from both the turret and the machine gunner nest. These are not metal RC tanks, consisting fully of plastic. You can fight with the tanks across a distance of 20 feet, and the tanks can move in any direction.

These tanks have four LED indicators on them. Once one tank receives four hits, all of the LEDs will turn off and the other tank wins. This tanks are pretty easy to use, so even younger children can have some success playing with them.

Each tank operates on a different wireless frequency with its own remote control unit, so the two signals will not interfere with each other. Now we can’t guarantee that the two kids operating the tank will not physically interfere with each other, resulting in a real fight instead of having the remote control tanks to do the fighting. (So that makes it like pretty much every other competitive toy or board game.)


HQ iPlay RC Battle RC Army Tanks- Set of 2 RC Tanks

These HQ tanks are battle tanks, giving you two tanks measuring about 12 inches in length and two remote control units that operate on different frequencies.

The two tanks use infrared beams to do the fighting, rather than firing projectiles. There are plenty of fun sound effects that will keep young children entertained. When one tank receives four hits, the game ends.

Each tank can move in any of four directions, and the turret rotates up to 320 degrees.

This set of toys is pretty easy to use for younger kids, as the remote control units have simple controls.


GoolRC Remote Control Modern Tank Car for Kids

For some kids, a vintage looking remote control army tank holds no intrigue. Those older designs are not interesting for them.

Instead, they may be more interested in this modern looking GoolRC tank. It has the same remote control features as the other best RC tanks on our list, allowing it to go forward, backward, left, or right on almost any terrain. It even can handle some muddy terrains and shallow water … and we’re sure that the kids will put this capability to the test. It even has bright LEDs on the top, so the kids can operate it at night.

This is an extremely durable RC tank, ensuring the kids can put it through the ringer and it will keep working.

One word of warning: This unit can travel more than 7 miles per hour, so it can really move. Younger kids — or an easily distracted dad — may lose track of this toy pretty quickly.

$99.99 AT AMAZON

If a remote control tank isn’t the type of toy that your kid would enjoy, check out our parent approved toy guides.

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