8 Best Kids Toy Storage & Room Organization Ideas, According To Moms

8 Kids Toy Storage & Room Organization Ideas So Sh*t Can Finally Get Put Away

August 5, 2020 Updated May 27, 2021

Kids Toy Storage

You say no to toys for birthdays and holidays, yet magically our LOs toy population seems to triple overnight. Those of us living this work from home life with toddlers and kiddos of various ages are lucky if we can get on a bra and take a shower, never mind finding time to clean up all the crap our toddler tornadoes have left behind. Playroom storage and organization is a must in the life of any mama looking to have 5 minutes of uninterrupted coffee time that doesn’t involve stepping on LEGOs or knocking over a building block tower.

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We like to see our kids playrooms cleaned up because let’s face it, a mess is stressful. Adding a kids sized table and chairs (especially one that doubles as storage) can help as a craft organizer for coloring supplies, but we know the real beast is all those dolls and toys. They need to be organized. Helping our kids develop an organizational system or at least finding a place to put all their sh*t actually helps with their own development. Problem solving and goal setting are key components to executive functioning. And organizational skills lead to more success later on in life with time management and productivity. Kids don’t care about this, they just want something that looks cool, they can open themselves, and a space to call their own.

We’ve rounded up 8 of the best toy storage solutions for busy mamas in need of a little playroom organization (aka sanity) that are as functional as they are IG worthy. Mama just invented a new game— Who can put things where they go the fastest? Ready, set, go!

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Best Kids Toy Chests

Delta Children Mason Toy Box Chest

Delta Children is known for well made, affordable kids furniture so it should come as no surprise that their Mason Toy Box is both super cute and super safe. We love the rounded corner design and slow close safety lid, but also really appreciate the variety of four color choices meant to blend in with our existing decor. Our favorite feature is the easy access book racks on the sides. Especially when using this in our child’s bedroom, it’s easier to leave a few books for them to grab at their height rather than offering a bookcase that could easily be climbed on.

This toy chest can easily be used as extra storage in a bedroom or guest room, as much as it works for the playroom and living room. One mama reviewer wrote, “Love the toy box! Great quality, easy to put together, more storage than I thought it would have. Love the color and style in our family room!”


VASAGLE Lift Top Wooden Toy Box Storage Chest

Owning a classic wooden toy chest is a rite of passage for any kiddo. The elegant design makes this furniture you actually want in your house, while the weight and design safety features (like the slow close lid) make it kid friendly. Large enough to store all the stuffies, games, toys, puzzles, and cars that are currently littering the floor, yet compact enough to not take up precious floor space. Even if your living room has become the playroom, this toy chest will blend in perfectly while doubling as extra seating. 

One mama of older kiddos repurposed this toy chest to fit their new needs. “I am super pleased with this purchase. I wanted it for my boys sports equipment and to sit on by my front door to put shoes/cleats on. It was bigger than I expected and fits so much!” We love investing in a piece that will grow with our kids!

$91.99 AT AMAZON

3 Sprouts Kids Toy Chest

If you’re looking to save space and the bulk of a wooden toy chest won’t do, we love these smaller yet equally functioning storage trunks from 3 Sprouts. With 12 cute animals designs, from lions to hippos to bears, it makes it nearly impossible to choose just one, (over 4,000 Amazon reviewers would agree)! Luckily these lightweight sturdy bins compliment each other, not just the nursery or playroom, helping to justify the need for more than one. 3 Sprouts also offers a hanging wall organizer and cube storage boxes in complementary animal patterns to complete the overall playroom organizational look. 

One mama shared, “I ordered two of these to use in the play spaces at home (formerly known as the living room and family room). We love the 3 Sprouts items – so cute without being super babyish. This holds a good amount of toys, and it’s inexpensive enough, you can buy two for overflow if needed!”

$28.99 AT AMAZON

Step2 2-in-1 Toy Box & Art Easel Storage Box

We love this toddler toy box from Step 2. Can’t you just hear the “Clean Up” song on repeat in your head now? (We’re rolling our eyes too.) The cute design makes clean up fun and organization easy with the built in craft organizer trays. Once the clean up is done, the lid on the storage box doubles as an art easel with a clip to hold their work securely in place. If art-to-go is more your LOs speed, both the board and bins detach to turn any space into an artist’s studio.

One mama reviewer commented on the ease of toddler use. “Perfect for them to remove the lid and pick up their toys and keep them safely stored in one place. Encourages independence and responsibility for little ones with help from mom and dad or siblings. The easel is so convent and the two small bins fit perfectly on top filled with small cars, play doh or crayons.”

$74.99 AT AMAZON

Best Kids Toy Storage

LEGO Large Toy Storage Box Brick

What kid doesn’t love LEGOs? What mom doesn’t hate stepping on them when they’re left all over the floor? (Right!) LEGO has done all the mamas a favor by creating this cute and familiar toy storage option for kiddos of all ages. Designed to hold about 3,000 LEGOs (Holy crap we have that many in our homes?!) this is an actual LEGO brick upscaled 1600% to be a storage box but also still be able to build like a LEGO. Our kiddos can stack all of their LEGO bins on top of each other to create a unique and creative storage solution. Available in all of the classic LEGO colors, as well as in 1, 2, and 4 knob designs, putting them away will be as fun as opening them up again.

One mama reviewer shared how using these has become a family activity. “My 2 year old can pull the top off when she wants to play, and then her 4 & 6 year old brothers help her stack it back on top of the other bricks when they are done. They come in a lot of fun colors. I would definitely recommend as a LEGO storage solution, as well as a stackable space saver.”

$37.43 AT AMAZON

Alimto Large Play Mat and Toy Storage Organizer Baskets

The Alimto Large Play Mat and Toy Storage Organizer Basket is as much of a playroom storage idea at home as it is for trips to grandma’s. This was clearly designed by someone who has been victimized by toys left on the floor or a preschooler who lost a necessary piece. Ideal for small toys, this all in one playmat and storage bin unfolds to a 59” diameter play place. When it’s time for bed (or clean-up), the mat neatly folds up with the toys back into the bin.

One mama shared, “This has been the answer to my LEGO nightmares. My kids (and probably all kids) often would leave them behind, everywhere, for us to step on. Also for them to lose their most precious piece and whine all day about it. Now, the rule is they play with the LEGOs on the yellow mat only. When done, we simply pick up the mat, and they all fall back into the bucket, easy peasy. No lost pieces, no mess. Amazing. As their LEGO collection grows, I’ll be buying more of these!”

$18.64 AT AMAZON

Zoomie Kids Clive Kid Toy Organizer Bin Set

Color is a must for any kids space, but in order to please the mamas it must be functional too. We love this Zoomie Kids Clive Kid Toy Organizer toy from Wayfair. This is a one stop shop of organization for all of your LOs books, stuffed animals, games, and action figures. The set comes with the frame and 16 toy bins. Everything gets a designated space, while creating a visually pleasing and safe structure for anywhere from the bedroom to the playroom. We love the rounded corners and anti-tip straps (you know for our climbers) that make this space all about just having fun.

One mama reviewer wrote, “This is just what was needed for my kids. Everything is organized and my kids like to be able to have all the pieces to their toys to play with. Wish I would have gotten this before now.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!


Little Hippo 3pc Large Cotton Rope Toy Storage Baskets

We’ve all been surprised by a drop-in house guest or two (hello grandmas!) and doing a quick clean up is essential. Nothing is easier to drop toys into than cute and stylish baskets. This three-piece natural cotton rope set from Little Hippo is perfect for the bigger things that get left laying around without compromising the design aesthetic of our room. The baskets measure 21″, 12″ and 10″, which makes them sized right for kiddos and all their toys in an attractive way.

One mama reviewer commented, “Great baskets for blankets and toys. I bought the large one for our living room and the small ones for our playroom, and I already want more. I love that these are functional for storage but won’t break when the kids decide they want to play in them!” Seriously why is it that with all of the toys they ALWAYS want to play with our stuff?

$32.95 AT AMAZON

Find some creative ideas to help organize the chaos? We know a mama who uses a shoe rack for all of her daughter’s Barbie dolls, genius! Now that we’ve checked bins and baskets off the list, here’s some more mom approved kids gear.

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