The Best Baby Swings 2021, According To Moms With Sh*t To Get Done

The Best (And Safest) Baby Swings To Help Your Little One Go The F*ck to Sleep

December 27, 2019 Updated December 21, 2020

Best Soothing Baby Swing

Hey #tiredmomsclub. We know what it’s like to try to get through a full day, or even a few hours post 9-to-5, with a baby on your hip or crawling underfoot. Sometimes – or let’s be real – oftentimes, we skip cooking, bathing, cleaning, and general self-care. Our biggest game-changer? The soothing, womb-like magic that is the baby swing. We love how these gadgets help babies get through fussing, teething, boredom, etc, and help mama get through life in general. Like most essential baby products, there can be some risks and factors to keep in mind when researching your best pick.

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First up, check for recalls to make sure they meet the latest safety standards. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics in a 2013 article, “The safety rules were developed to protect infants after more than 350 swing-related incidents were reported between 2009 and 2012. Many swings already meet these standards, but older baby equipment may not.”

Next, keep in mind that while swings give mama a well-deserved break, you should always be in the room with them or have them in sight. Know that smaller BBs need to be at more of a recline to reduce the risk of hunching over, but also try not to have them laying flat too much to avoid the dreaded Flat Head Syndrome. Basically, use these swings when you need ’em (whatever works, right!?) but know that daily tummy time and naps in the crib are a good goal to aim for.

Ahead, we’re sharing the best baby swings on the market. They’re safe, stylish, and full of fun features that will help your little one chill out and get a little cat nap in. We’ve got travel-friendly swings, deluxe *and* compact swings, and even swings that can be controlled from your phone.

My Little Snugabunny Cradle 'n SwingFisher-Price

Playtime in your living room has never been more fun for you and baby. Whether you already have “two under two” and can’t possibly keep them both entertained at the same time or just need to keep BB distracted while completing chores, allow this Fisher-Price Little Snugabunny to come in clutch. Yes, it’s cute (peep dem plush bunny ears), but it’s also hella functional with an overhead mobile and soothing tunes to lure your little one to sleep. The seat is extra cushiony—newborn head and body support, included—for hopefully hours of quiet time. It has all the features you could ask for: two directions to swing (side-to-side or head-to-toe), a machine washable seat, 16 songs and nature sounds, and overhead birdies. One Amazon customer says it best: “TLDR: This product is an absolute lifesaver and worth every last penny. Buy it!”


4moms rockaRoo Compact Baby Swing

The next time you’re in dire need of 20 minutes of bliss (hallelujah), allow the rockaRoo compact swing from 4moms to free up your arms by rocking your baby to and fro in an effortless gliding motion. It features five speeds and is mp3 compatible… go ahead and play DJ by picking out classical music or heavy metal for the nursery. At 1/3 the size of a traditional swing, this one won’t take up a $h*tload of room. Its compact size also makes it convenient for travel (simply pick it up and go) and small apartment spaces. God forbid you have to deal with a spill or epic diaper blowout, but at least you can rest easy knowing that the removable seat fabric is machine washable.


Bright Starts Whimsical Wild Portable Compact Automatic Swing with Melodies

This whimsical portable swing from Bright Starts is a great choice on many levels (portable? Check. Budget-friendly? Double check.) It’s lightweight and can easily be folded up to save space. Additionally, it declines in two positions, and has six cheerful melodies to keep your little one amused. For “giggles on the go,” you can count on the smiling toys dangling from the top bar to keep ’em occupied at least while you tidy things up in the kitchen. Megan from Amazon echoes this sentiment by calling the portable swing from Bright Starts a saving grace as it allows her to “do a few things around the house like [the] dishes, laundry, and even shower.” Entertainment at your fingertips while you get $h*t done—what more could you ask for?  


4Moms MamaRoo 4

Meet the deluxe infant swing we want in mama size. With 5 unique motions and 5 speed options, it has a total of up to 25 different combinations. Soothe them with one of the four sounds, or connect to any device. The full recline feature is a game-changer for nap time.


Ingenuity ConvertMe Swing-2-Seat Portable Swing

Part swing, part seat, this 2-in-1 design is foldable for easy travel or storage. The 5-point harness keeps baby secure, while the sweet mobile overhead provides a nice distraction. 5 swing speeds, nursery rhyme melodies, and a vibrating seat create the perfect comfy space.


Fisher-Price 4-in-1 SmartConnect Cradle 'n Swing

Smart swings FTW. This genius gadget lets you change the rocking motion, swing speed, light-up mobile, and sound from your phone – all without disturbing baby’s sleep. The removable rocker is a major bonus and can be used in every room of the house.


Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle 'n Swing

There are so many features to love in this Fisher-Price pick: two swing motions, a super plush (and washable) seat, a mirrored dome and mobile to stimulate the senses, two reclining positions, and 16 different soothing songs and nature sounds. Now if only we could fit our tired bodies into this one…


Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing

This basic swing is anything but. Featuring a slim frame, gentle side-to-side motion, 2-speed vibration, a mobile, and a deep, plush seat, it has everything you need to calm your LO and catch up on your to-dos. Plus, it’s about half the price of most swings on this list.


Ingenuity Inlighten Cradling Plug-In Swing

A little bit magic, a little bit cute, and a whole lot of comfort. This swing enchants with a LightBeam mobile featuring plush toys and dazzling lights. Choose from 6 swing speeds, 3 swing motions, and 20 soothing sound options. The frame folds easily for portability and storage.


Fisher-Price Deluxe Take-Along Swing & Seat

This super portable option has all the bells and whistles of a deluxe swing, but with a smaller footprint and handy infant seat conversion. Our favorite part? The SmartSwing technology that senses baby’s weight and automatically adjusts so the speeds won’t slow as baby grows. It has 6 swing speeds, 10 songs, and volume control


Primo 2-in-1 Smart Voyager Convertible Infant Swing and High Chair

Say hello to the convertible baby product you never knew you needed. The bluetooth-controlled baby swing with cry activation mode easily converts to a luxe high chair in seconds. Better yet, the high chair grows with baby way past the soothing swing phase.


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