Best Cozy Socks For Women: Fuzzy Slipper Socks To Stay Toasty As Heck

Cozy As Hell Fuzzy Socks That You’ll Want To Be Wearing, Like…Now

April 23, 2020 Updated September 20, 2021

Best Cozy Socks Women

Cozy socks are a cold weather essential for women with perpetually chilly feet, and that’s truer now than ever before. For those of us who WFH, keeping our fuzzy socks on and our work shoes off is one of the biggest perks on a long list of cons (two words, moms: remote learning). But even on your crankiest days, when your feet are comfortable and surrounded by soft, plush goodness, your mood will likely improve, which benefits everyone in your family. It’s science. Or personal opinion, but based on *hard* anecdotal evidence, at least. Thankfully, you can get them for as cheap as a few bucks (thank you, Old Navy!).

So, grab a pair for yourself and heck, treat the fam for good vibes all around. (Ps. Christmas cozy socks make perfect stocking stuffers if you’re looking for some easy gift ideas.) We’ve rounded up some of our absolute favorites, from fluffy slipper socks to warm wool knits, to keep your peds perky and your mood sky-high, no matter what the day has in store. It’s called self-care, ever heard of it?

Best Fuzzy Socks For Women

Zando Warm Super Soft Plush Slipper Sock (5-pack)

Since none of us have time to waste, let’s get right to the good stuff. Drumroll, please… presenting, the best, comfiest, most plush slipper sock you’ve ever felt. Sounds like a dream,right? It is a dream, really. It’s like slippers that physically cannot fall off your feet (or be taken off easily by a toddler), meaning your comfort is all but guaranteed but as long as you damn well please. Plus, they come in a variety of totally zen pastel colors, so you can match them with any outfit you choose (if you care about color coordination in your home, that is — it’s a very personal decision, after all). And while some of us tend to fall victim to the sweaty-foot-issue that many fuzzy socks create, this pair is surprisingly breathable so it may mitigate that yucky damp feeling. Because who wants to deal with foot sweat in the morning? Not us! It’s a good thing they come in a multi-pack, because you’ll want to live in ’em.

$13.99 AT AMAZON

Mamia Cozy Slipper Socks (6-pack)

When it comes to being comfortable and productive, we have one word for you (that may not even really be a word, but consider this our official campaign to make it a word. Hello, Webster’s, are you listening?): grippies. A great pair of socks is made infinitely more practical with grippies on the bottom, because they allow you to Swiffer or cook or chase your freaking five-year-old who just will not come to the table for dinner around without worrying about wiping out on the hardwood floor. This top-rated pair is beloved by lots of Amazon shoppers, so you know it’s a winner, and since they come in a pack of six, you won’t have to re-wear the same pair day after day. Not that we’re judging if you choose to, but it’s your option.

$12.95 AT AMAZON

Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Heathered Plush Socks

Insider tip: Barefoot Dreams is the creme de la creme, the best of the best, the most wonderful in all the land when it comes to the comfiest of comfort wear. Just ask anyone who owns one of their robes or blankets — to own one is to love one, trust, and we, as women, deserve to know about it. And since they also, thankfully, make socks, you can wear a little piece of heaven all the live long day, if you want. We, however, prefer to save them as a reward after a long day on the battlefield of motherhood, pulling them on when the house is quiet and we can take a goddamn breath. And, guess what, they pair perfectly with a glass of wine and trashy TV. Mmmhmmmmm.


Best Warm Wool Socks For Women

Jeasona Women's Wool Cat Socks

If wool socks and felines are your jam, then these are purrfect! Kidding, but aren’t they super cute? This pack of five comes in multiple kitty colors and features ultra-thick socks that are 35% wool. 29% cotton, and 36% polyester. The combination equals a toasty, breathable, sweat-wicking sock with just enough stretch. While you’ll want to wear them as-is to show off your whiskered friends, if you have to put on shoes (boo), their cute little ears stick out! Note that these are on the smaller side because they’re suitable for women sizes 5-8. And if you love what you’re reading but you’re more of a dog person, they come in a pack of neutral hues, too.

$15.99 AT AMAZON

FYC Store Women's Winter Socks

These ridiculously festive socks are so cute, you won’t ever want to put shoes on. But even if you do have to leave the house, they add a fun pop of color when they peek up over boots or sneakers! This set of five is made with a blend of cotton, wool, and polyester for comfy, breathable warmth. They’re woven into a vintage wintery motif, and will keep your tootsies toasty whether or not you decide to don your footwear (most likely not). These packs come in a variety of different patterns and colors so go ahead and grab a few.


Best Novelty Socks For Women

Old Navy Cozy Crew Socks For Women

These socks will get you into the holiday spirit. Keep your chilly toes warm with these fuzzy Halloween-themed socks, currently at Old Navy (P.S. They’re available in a few other patterns, too!). Oh, and did we mention that they’re currently on sale? Go get ’em.


30% off

K. Bell Middle Finger Women's Crew Socks

Perhaps nothing warms your heart and soul quite like telling everyone else to buzz off, and for you, Mama, we have these snarky socks. They’re made with cotton, nylon, and spandex for softness and stretch, plus a hefty dose of sass for when you’re in a mood. Some may think it’s rude, but it’s actually a rather polite way to tell loved ones to leave you the heck alone (as opposed to other choice methods). So, wear ’em with slippers when you’re feeling social, but when you’re not, let the socks do the talking.


Butterfly Craze Mid High Sock

There are moms who’ll throw on any old pair, then there are moms who are serious about their socks. For the latter, there’s Sock Candy, which are designed to make a statement. That said, socks may be the easiest and coziest way to add a pop of interest to your ensemble (especially if your closet looks like a bland sea of neutrals). The Butterfly Craze Mid High sock is tall enough to be seen above your shoes, or more likely nowadays, dress up your plain black leggings as you putter around the house (no judgement). Afterall, they’re totally lounge-worthy, thanks to being made with a mercerized cotton blend and 200 thread count. BTW, these fancy socks make a fabulous gift for anyone who wouldn’t make the splurge on themselves. #bougiefeet


Golden Girls Blanche Unisex Crew Socks

Yes, the warm and fuzzies will keep you … well, warm and fuzzy, but so will a hearty laugh. These Blanche socks are a must-have for your next Golden Girls marathon, plus they’re concrete proof that you’re a genuine super fan. Like a hug from a bosom buddy, they’ll snuggle your feet with their deep heel and toe pockets, and a no-slip cuff will prevent slouching down. Consider gifting these to your GG-loving BFF, because as the description reads, they “are the perfect way to thank someone for being a friend!” Oh, and FYI — you can get the whole Golden Girls gang, which is basically a necessity. 


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