10 Best Water Sports To Ride, Paddle & Tube Through Summer

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Summer Water Sports

What better way to make memories this summer than packing up the cooler and the kiddos for a day on the water. A day on the water doesn’t have to be limited to lounge chairs and pool floats. There are tons of water sports for every body of water. Who knows, maybe you are a natural on the paddle board or still shred on a surfboard – we know you’ve still got it. Grab the goggles, buckle up the life jackets and get out there to make some summer memories— even if it’s of your epic wipeout.

If you’re lucky enough to have a lake in your backyard, you’ll need a good supply of water toys. And if the water’s a drive away, you can load up the roof rack or go for inflatables (yes, even for kayaks). And if for some reason you aren’t into actually getting wet (we all have a little land-shark in us after all), these water sports will entertain the kids for hours. And that in itself is worth every.single.penny.

Ahhh, the long days of summer. Do you think we call them long because it is up to us parents to entertain our children 24-7 during the summer? You’ll need great kids gear.


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