13 Best Toddler Slides & Climbers: Indoor & Outdoor Slides 2021

The Best Toddler Slides & Climbers For Active Fun — Indoors AND Outdoors

January 31, 2020 Updated March 10, 2021


Toddler slides and climbers are like mini jungle gyms that help get your LO movin’. If you’re reading this, you’re probably well aware that tots are well-known for their cute curiosity, fun personalities, and INSANE amount of energy. And as most mamas have learned, burning said energy is an essential part of surviving the day with your little one. Enter toddler slides and climbers, which your kiddo can crawl, climb, and hang all over instead of you. Better yet, many of these imaginative play sets are suitable for indoor and outdoor fun, so your brood can enjoy hours of active play, even on a rainy day. (BTW, you’ll want to have a kids umbrella, rain boots, and rain jacket on hand for when do have to venture into the wet weather.)

If you’re creating your own amusement park in the yard this year (aka summer camp at home, complete with interactive kiddie pools and splashy water tables), these toddler slides are here for all the at-home adventuring your BB needs. We’ve got deluxe outdoor activity centers with endless play opportunities, cute and simple cheap toddler climbers work great inside, and even a toddler bed with a slide that’ll earn you “Parent of the Year” status, for sure.

So to save you some searching in case you need backup, like, now, we rounded up the best toddler sides and climbers to keep your kids busy all summer.

Best Indoor Toddler Slide

Little Tikes First Slide

With over 8,000 reviews on Amazon, this is a solid find for your toddler’s first slide. It also folds and unfolds in seconds, making it easy to store. The smaller size is perfect for storing when you actually have a grown-up get together in the yard.

$32.00 AT AMAZON

Radio Flyer 500 Ride-On with Ramp

Take sliding to a new level with this mini race track. The 6-foot long track features easy-fit car alignment for a super safe ride (plus the track has guardrails for added safety). The car can be used both on and off the track and has front wheel foot-rests for a comfortable ride.

$135.00 AT AMAZON

Jupiduu Wood Toddler Slide

Fork over the extra dollars if you prefer an eco-friendly indoor wooden slide for toddlers. Your LO will love the fun ride and you’ll love how it seamlessly blends with your decor.


Step2 Sports-Tastic Activity Center

Who needs the playground when you have this 3-in-1 sports center + Step2 slide! Besides going down the slide again and again, your kiddo can shoot hoops with the basketball net, practice batting with the tethered baseball, and kick the ball around. They’ll be tuckered out before you know it.

$64.95 AT AMAZON

Little Tikes Wheels on the Bus Climber and Slide

A toddler favorite, this popular nursery rhyme-inspired activity center lets them climb, slide, and drive along to the music. An interactive musical dashboard features a horn, ignition, and gear shifter for imaginative play. The gentle slope and safe design make it great for younger toddlers but will last well through toddlerhood no problem.


Best Outdoor Toddler Slide & Climber

Little Tikes Hide-and-Seek Climber

Kiddos can climb up the rock wall, slide down the slide, and hide out in the clubhouse in this adventure center. The gradual slope makes for soft landings and the height is perfect for your growing toddler.

$79.99 AT AMAZON

Costzon 4-in-1 Toddler Slide

This multi-purpose slide will keep your LO occupied during playtime. The basketball hoop, slide, telescope, climbing ladder, and football goal give them endless fun and provide activities for their friends and/or siblings. And we love that the raised castle guardrail protects them from getting too close to the edge.

$175.99 AT AMAZON

Step2 Panda Climber Outdoor Activity Set

Simple, adorable, and affordable FTW. This has a crawl-though tunnel, archway, slide, safety rail, and large platform for a fun and safe playtime. And at this price, you may want one for indoors and one for outdoors!


Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse Climber

The high platform and “shingled” roof give this slide some major treehouse vibes. Lucky for you, this is much safer and has a durable double-wall construction that is basically maintenance-free. Your LO will love playing explorer and peering out of the adjustable periscope.


Uenjoy Kids Climber Slide

Got a little Candace Parker in the making? Having a child in the NBA makes for a pretty comfortable lifestyle, ya feel? It’s like WAGS but MADS — Moms and Dads of Sports Stars. All because you bought this Game Time Sports Climber Playset when they were three. This set gives her the gift of playtime practice and you the gift of some peace and quiet for an hour or so. It includes a climbing ladder, slide, basketball hoop and even a ball to score as much net as she can manage. 

$119.99 AT AMAZON

Little Tikes Rock Climber and Slide

For toddlers who are really into climbing, this indoor toddler gym is a great choice. It has several hand and foot holds notched in the sturdy plastic, resembling a pseudo rock wall, so the kids can go up and down repeatedly. And it’s far safer than climbing on big rocks, which rambunctious toddlers can’t seem to resist. It’s almost like they enjoy splitting their heads open and getting stitches. (PS-when the ER personnel know you by name, it’s time to try something new, like this mini-climber.)

$299.99 AT WALMART

Step2 Game Time Sports Climber and Slide

Toddlers love climbing and they love playing with a ball … much like the family dog, now that we think about it. (At least the dog is willing to listen and do what you say part of the time.) This toddler jungle gym has separate areas to climb, slide, and play with a ball, giving young toddlers plenty to do, all in a sturdy plastic material.

$173.89 AT AMAZON

Little Tikes Jump 'n Slide Bouncer

As a parent who hates seeing your little one bonk their head multiple times a day, you probably wish you could roll them up in bubble wrap. But since protecting them like a fragile heirloom isn’t an option, here’s the next best thing: Put ’em in an inflatable play gym where they can bounce off the walls and floor with no (or fewer) resulting owies. The Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer is a fan favorite with nearly 5,000 reviews and an average 4.7-star rating. Equipped with a slide and safety net, it’s like bringing a summer carnival indoors, if you have the space — or are willing to sacrifice your living room for your sanity.

$249.99 AT AMAZON

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