12 Best Toddler Rain Jackets: Rain Coats For Toddler Boys & Girls 2021

These Toddler Rain Jackets Are So Cute, You Won’t Mind When Your Tot Goes Puddle Splashin’

January 6, 2021 Updated February 3, 2021

Toddler Rain Coat Feature

A toddler rain jacket is a baby gear essential, and we speak from experience. Once the snow is melted, you can put the kids’ winter boots and puffer coats away … but that’s when the weather gets wet. And while spring showers bring May flowers, they also bring puddles, mud, and the temptation for little ones to splash about and then tell funny jokes about how dirty they are. So instead of keeping your LO inside (and in preparation of those sudden seasonal downpours), equip them with a waterproof coat that’ll keep them dry. Even better, teeny-tiny slickers for little girls and boys are so freakin’ cute, you may actually wish for some drizzle. Of course, you can’t forget to accessorize with an adorable kids umbrella and matching rain boots to complete the picture-perfect ensemble — er, we mean, keep your babe protected from head to toe.

Whether you’re looking for cute raincoats for toddlers to keep the drops off your tot, or a waterproof kids coat to shield your older child at the bus stop (we have those too), check out our favorite slickers for any puddle jumper. From big brands like Carter’s, Columbia, and Patagonia to super-affordable picks, because — let’s face it — they’ll outgrow them by next year, we’ve rounded up the best rain jackets (specifically toddler raincoats) to keep your kiddo dry in wet and unpredictable weather.

Gender Neutral Toddler Rain Jackets

Toddler Tree Duck Raincoat

Your little duckling will look ridiculously cute in this bright yellow slicker. Featuring a beaked hood and black striped lining, it’s the epitome of classic rainy day gear. Pair this with shiny yellow wellies for picture-worthy puddle jumping moment that you’ll have to post on Insta. FYI, this raincoat comes in different colored dino and shark styles too — complete with teeth, fins, and spikes (awww!). They’re available in sizes 12 to 24 months and 3T-5T.


Wantdo Rain Jacket

Your big kid can don this nautical-inspired raincoat any time there’s a storm a-brewin’! This lightweight pick has button closures and is lengthy enough to keep them dry, plus an oversized hood with snap panels  to keep the rain off their hair and face. Get it in 5 classic colors including navy, red, and purple, all complete with a horizontal striped lining. It’s available in kids sizes 6-16, and right now, there’s a coupon for an extra 5% off.


Toddler Rain Suits

SSAWcasa One Piece Rain Suit

Does your kid somehow manage to get soaked even when you dress them for the weather? We hear you, and for that, there’s the one piece rain suit for head to toe protection. This pick includes a shielded hood that offers face protection, cuffed hand and foot holes, and reflective strips for better visibility on sunless days. Just tuck the bottoms into your LO’s boots, and they *should* stay dry while they have wet weather fun! These suites come in four bright animal themes: blue koala, green frog, pink rabbit, or yellow giraffe. They’re available in sizes small-large for kids ages 3-10; check out the sizing details for more info.


Vine Trading Co. Rain Suit

Here’s another rain suit option to consider (seriously, the concept is kind of genius …). This one is covered in jungle animals and will keep boys and girls dry during their imaginary safari adventures, no matter how many puddles they encounter. The hood has a face shield for extra coverage, and it’s cuffed at the wrists and ankles for snug protection. Pro tip: This suit isn’t just for rain — it can be used for keeping your kid’s clothes clean when playing in mud, dirt, or with art supplies (finger paints, anyone?). It’s available in sizes to fit kiddos ages 1-7 and you can also get it two other styles: pink houses and blue vehicles.


Toddler Girl Rain Jackets

Carter's Unicorn Rainslicker

Attention parents of unicorn fanatics! This Carter’s rain coat is a guaranteed hit for your petite puddle hopper. (Not to mention, colorful rainbows are always a bright spot on a dreary day.) Both zipper and button closures do double-duty to keep your LO dry, and the pretty pink lining makes this jacket even more cheery. It’s available in sizes 2T-4T and 4-6X, and if unicorns aren’t your kid’s thing (as if), there are several other styles to choose from.


Arshiner Hooded Raincoat

Even if the skies are gloomy, everything will be coming up daisies when your tot wears this cheerful jacket. With a snap closure and floral print on the outside and inside, this lightweight coat is ideal for keeping your darling dry during spring showers (especially those unexpected ones). It comes in 8 bold shades and sizes 1T-5T and 5-6 years.


Patagonia Puff-Ball Reversible Jacket - Toddler Girls'

For truly treacherous weather, Patagonia is one of the top brands for quality outdoor gear. If you expect your little one to spend lots of time outside, or you live in a particularly harsh climate, this versatile pick will shield them from the wind, rain, and cold. In addition to being water-resistant and insulated for extra warmth, this patchwork patterned coat is reversible for switching up your tot’s look. Yes, it’s pricey, but you can use it for spring, fall, and winter (or, as long as it fits). Grab it in sizes 2T, 3T, and 5T.


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Toddler Boy Rain Jackets

Western Chief D.C. Comics Character Rain Jacket

Do you have a difficult time getting your kiddo to keep his jacket on? Not anymore. He’ll feel like a superhero (staying super dry!) in this Batman-inspired coat, complete with a bat-eared hood and long, billowing cape. Of course, this pick isn’t just for boy comic book fans — any bad guy-fighting girl will be ready to kick some rainy butt in it, too. Available in sizes 2T-4T and 5 and 6.

$37.53 AT AMAZON

London Fog Dinosaur Rainslicker

Your LO will have a rawrin‘ good time in this dino rain slicker. In addition to the smiling dinosaur graphic, it has spike details along the arm, across the back, and of course, on the hood! But this jacket is more than good looks, because inside, it’s lined with soft jersey knit that’ll keep your mini dino fan warm and dry! (In fact, it’s one of the toastier jackets on this list.) Available in sizes 2T-4T.

$39.54 AT AMAZON

Western Chief Mouse Raincoat

M-I-C-K-E-Y … well, you know the rest! You may not be able to go to Disney right now, but that doesn’t mean your kid can’t experience some of that Mickey-inspired magic, even on a rainy day. This jacket features snap closure, a soft fabric lining, and of course, those legendary ears à la their favorite cartoon mouse. Get it in sizes 3T, 4T, 5, and 6. BTW, this comes in a mermaid style, too.

$40.67 AT AMAZON

Big Kids Rain Jackets

Columbia Rain-Zilla Jacket

If you want to keep your kid protected against extra harsh elements, you can’t go wrong with a trusted outdoor brand like Columbia. It’s equipped with tough waterproof nylon on the outside and cozy fleece on the inside so your youngster will stay dry and warm, even in inclement weather. It comes in a handful of color block styles and a range of little and big kid sizes.


YILLEU Cotton-Lined Rain Jacket

The perfect basic for your big kid, this windbreaker/rain jacket comes in over a dozen patterns for both boys and girls. We’re loving this pink donut number, but you can also choose from dinosaurs, florals, abstract prints, and more. Each coat is lined with soft cotton to keep ’em comfy, and they’re available in sizes for 6-12 year olds, as well as toddler sizes 4T-5T.


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