Twin Size Kid Beds So Fun, You'll Wanna Sleep In Them Yourselves

by Katie Bond
Originally Published: 
kid toddler twin beds
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So, the time has come. Your tiny toddler is ready to say goodbye to their beloved (and safe) crib. Whether they’re climbing out like a wild animal (with or without toddler rails) or have just outgrown their current one, you know you need to make the infamous switch to a kids’ twin size bed. To help make the transitional go smoothly, we’re here with some super fun and just plain cute options for your BIG KID (seriously, how did that happen so fast?). They’ll love them so much that the change will be easier for the both of you — hopefully. And yes, that means more sleep for you, less stress, and some much-needed chill time.

Full disclaimer: You should probably still be prepared for some early morning wake-ups and midnight creep sessions where your kid just stares at you thinking who knows what, but with the right pick, you should be pleasantly surprised. (Pro tip: A toddler rail can also help!) Below you’ll find everything from a heart canopy bed to a super sleek race car and magical unicorn twin bed frame. And if you’re trying to stick with your existing decor, we have some more subtle options that will still make bedtime a little more exciting.

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