These Life-Saving Wagons Get Your Kids (And All Of Your Sh*t) To The Park In Style

by Michelle Sparks
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Kids Radioflyer Wagon

As it gets warmer, a kids’ wagon for the family is essential. Here’s how an average day at the park or beach really goes: Your kids start off enthusiastically charging across the sand or grass, cheerily toting their backpacks full of snacks and toys. They play in the water, build sandcastles, and play all the outdoor games imaginable. You watch blissfully unburdened, enjoying the sunshine on your skin. Fast forward an hour—the kids are now whining that they’re tired, the backpacks have been carelessly tossed to the ground, and you’re forced to carry 160 pounds of child/toys/food/drinks back to the car.

Fortunately, God—or rather, some brilliant toymaker hundreds of years ago—invented wagons for kids. Whether it’s a wagon with canopy or a stroller wagon, it’s the solution to sore arms and cranky kids. Just plop them inside, grab the handle, and off you go. But trying to choose the best one (there are tons of Radio Flyer wagons alone!) is a big decision in itself. What features do you want in a kids wagon? What color? What kind of wheels work in sand? Suddenly it feels like you’re buying a new car, not a tiny wagon for 3 kids…

That’s where we come in. Below are the best wagons for kids (including the best baby wagons) based on parent reviews and ratings on Amazon. From the most basic steel wagon to the most over-the-top stroller wagon hybrid, these are the rides that both you and your kid will enjoy on your big family beach day or on your way to a fun picnic in the park.

Best Wagons For Kids

Toddler Wagons

Kids Wagon With Canopy

Best Beach Wagons

Foldable Wagons for Kids

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