10 Best Stroller Wagons For Warm Weather Adventures 2021

These Stroller Wagons Will Make Summer Days More Fun For Everyone

March 16, 2021 Updated June 23, 2021

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Yup, you might just need a stroller wagon. Your trusty stroller might come in handy for daily walks or trips to the grocery store, but when it comes to spending the day at the beach or the park with the littles, it can’t compare to a stroller wagon. These new hybrid carriers are the perfect mix of a fancy stroller and a classic kid’s wagon, and they make every outdoor outing just a little bit easier (and definitely more comfortable for your kids).

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What is a stroller wagon versus a regular wagon?

While wagons are pulled, stroller wagons give you the option to pull them or push them as if they were a stroller. And while there are some strollers out there that offer a good amount of space, stroller wagons definitely offer more, giving you enough room to pack up everything you need. Plus, most stroller wagons have enough room for at least two kids, if not more, with enough space for snacks and lounging.

Are stroller wagons worth it?

Because they can generally accommodate a wide age range (of course, check weight and age limits before purchasing a product), stroller wagons are definitely worth it if you have multiple kids. (And if you have twins, triplets, or more — it’s a must!)

What’s the best stroller wagon?/What features should I look for?

When it comes to picking the best stroller wagon for your family, think about what you’re going to use it for: do you want all-terrain wheels that can make it through the sand or the grass? Are you more interested in something that’s going to be easy to store and throw in your trunk? Or do you want something relatively inexpensive that will just get you and your little ones through the summer?

Whatever the case, the best ones out there, based on high ratings, are listed below!

Best Stroller (and Double Stroller) Wagons:

Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon 

The Evenflo Pivot Xplore is packed with so many great features. It has enough space for 1-2 kids up to the age of 5, with room left over for bags and their little legs. There are several pockets on the outside of the wagon for even more storage, including a bigger one for the parents. There’s a drop-down feature that allows toddlers to get in and out effortlessly, and the all-terrain wheels make it easy to go anywhere. The handle flips so that you can push or pull it, and the canopy is versatile and movable, with a UPF 50 to protect them from the sun. The removable snack tray is super convenient as well, and the footwell on the bottom keeps their dirty feet off the seats. It also folds up to a surprisingly compact size that allows you to easily take it on the go. And considering the price, there’s really nothing to complain about here!

$318.72 AT AMAZON

Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon 

The Keenz 7s is versatile and meant to grow with your family. It easily fits two little kids, with harnesses to keep them strapped in. The main body of the stroller is very deep and can hold up to 110 pounds, and there’s plenty of room for whatever you need to store (aside from the little ones). There’s also a large pocket on the outside for even more storage. Adjustable handles on either side make it easy to push or pull this one. It comes with some thoughtful extras, too, like a cupholder and a nice size cooler bag, as well as a storage bag and canopy storage bag so it’s easy to take anywhere. It’s lightweight for such a large stroller wagon at only 32 pounds, and it folds just about as flat as something like this could fold. Aside from the canopy, there are even little drapes to help your babies nap even in the middle of the day.

$469.99 AT AMAZON

Radio Flyer Odyssey Stroller Wagon

Coming in at a considerably lower price point is the Radio Flyer Odyssey Stroller Wagon, which is very versatile and has a really classic look to it. The wagon easily fits two kids and has seatbelts for safety, and the UV protection canopy keeps the sun off them and is removable as well. It can hold up to 120 pounds of cargo, and it has a back pocket for extra storage. You’ve also got a different handle on each side: one to push like a stroller and one to pull like a wagon. The wheels are not quite as large as some other options, but it should still work fine in different conditions. One big advantage is that the side unzips off, and then it can be used as a little bench for seating. Lightweight and surprisingly compact, this is an excellent travel stroller wagon. The finishing touch is two drink holders on the side for easy water access on those extra hot days.

$384.67 AT AMAZON

Veer Cruiser Stroller Wagon

Think of the Veer Cruiser as the Mercedes Benz of the stroller wagon world: it’s sleek and fancy, it has tons of attractive features… and it’s also considerably more expensive. Still, it’s a popular option for a reason: the quality is excellent and it’s super convenient. It easily holds two kids between the ages of 1-5, and you can push or pull it without having to move the handle around. The seats have harnesses for safety, and each one has its own built-in snack tray and collapsible footwell. There’s another removable snack tray with two cup holders, and pockets on the sides for extra storage. Large all-terrain wheels are impressive and easy to maneuver through anything, and really make the Veer stand out. It folds super flat, more flat than most of the other options here, and it’s easy to clean: you can just hose it down at the end of the day. Overall, it’s a durable, comfortable ride.


Hauck Eco Wagon Stroller

The Hauck Eco Wagon is a great multipurpose choice that is comfortable and compact. Sporty wheels give it a smooth ride, while a removable canopy protects kids from the sun. There’s room for two kids in here, but you might want to use it for slightly older toddlers—there are no seatbelts or harnesses. You can easily remove the cushioned seats if you want to just use this as a wagon (or let the kids lay down). It has a durable steel frame and folds up for storage and to fit in the trunk of a car. The fabric easily comes off and can be thrown in the wash for simple cleaning. One downside, though, is that you can only pull this one rather than push or pull.

$231.86 AT AMAZON

Keenz Class Baby Toddler Kids Stroller Wagon

This stroller wagon. from Keenz Class has eronomic seating for your little one — fancy right? They’ll be comfy all day long and have everything they need with all the storage that’s included. It even has a snap-in activity try that can be used for snacks or a surface to play with toys. Whether you’re spending the day at the zoo, the park, or just on your way to grandma’s house — this stroller wagon is a great option for you and your little one.

$679.99 AT WALMART

Baby Trend Expedition 2-in-1 Stroller Wagon Plus

The Baby Trend Expedition has lots of room and tons of convenient features at a great price point. There’s room for two kids, with three point harnesses for safety. One hideaway handle can be tucked away or pulled out when you want to pull it like a wagon, while the pushing handle stays out. There’s lots of storage room thanks to a flip-over basket, a handy parent storage basket, several pockets, and a removable snack tray and cup holder. Unlike many of the other options here, this wagon is great for newborns—it comes with a car seat adapter so that you can easily clip a car seat in. There’s an adjustable and removable canopy for sun protection with an optional mosquito net, and a lie down mat if they get sleepy (it can also be folded up for extra cushioning). It folds up well, and the wheels are meant to be removed for easier storage.

$269.99 AT AMAZON

Larktale Caravan Stroller/Wagon

The Larktale stroller wagon has an impressive amount of storage space, making it really great for day trips and any parent who is constantly on the go. It comfortably fits two kids (up to 50 pounds in each seat), with padded 5-point harnesses for safety. There’s a convenient flip-down seats that allows your little one to stretch out, or converts this to just a wagon to tote things around, and there’s also a drop-down footwell to keep things clean and comfy. And keeping the footwell free of dirt and sand couldn’t be easier thanks to the zipper that quickly releases dirt and whatnot. There’s an adjustable handlebar with leather accents, as well as a front pull bar, so this can be pushed or pulled, and an expendable canopy. Storage is organized thanks to the basket with separate zippered compartments, a rear organizer with zippered pockets, and an interior pocket organizer that is perfect for toys.


Creative Outdoor Push Pull Wagon 

While the Creative Outdoors wagon doesn’t have quite as many fancy features as some of the other options here, it’s still a great choice. It holds up to 150 pounds, with a durable and strong steel frame (it’s a bit heavy, though), and it folds up really easily. Seat belts inside keep little ones tucked in, while a removable canopy keeps them protected from the sun. Two pull-out handles allow you to push or pull this, and one side has a small storage basket for parents that can be folded in. There are also extra pockets on the outside and inside for some more storage.

$389.98 AT AMAZON

Wonderfold Baby X4 Quad Stroller Wagon 

Double stroller wagons are great, until you find yourself with more than two kids. In that case, the WonderFold W4 is really the only stroller wagon on the market that can safely hold up to four little ones at a time. There are comfortable padded seats for four kids with five point harnesses for safety, and the seats are raised up off the floor so that you can use the space underneath them as storage (or, alternatively, you can remove the seats so they can lay down or it can be used as just a wagon). There’s a removable UV protected canopy that can easily be moved around depending on where the sun is. Large pockets on the outside offer more storage, with a removable bucket in the rear. The sides are vented to keep them cool, and the front flap opens so they can crawl out if they want. There was clearly a ton of thought put into this one, and it’s definitely the best option for more than two kids!

Note that this stroller wagon is not in stock until June. But better to be prepared and get exactly what you want, rather than settle on whats available now, right Mama?


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