Best Wagons For Kids And Parents According to Mom 2020

13 Best Wagons For Kids (And Parents) To Survive Your Next Walk To The Park

February 9, 2020 Updated January 22, 2021

Best Kids Wagon

Here’s how your average day at the park goes: Your kids start off enthusiastically charging across the greens, cheerily toting their backpacks full of snacks and toys. You follow blissfully unburdened, enjoying the sunshine on your skin. Fast forward an hour—the kids are now whining that they’re tired, the backpacks have been carelessly tossed to the ground, and you’re forced to carry 160 pounds of child/toys/food/drinks back to the car.

Fortunately, God—or rather, some brilliant toy maker hundreds of years ago—invented wagons for kids. Whether it’s a wagon with canopy or a stroller wagon, it’s the solution to sore arms and cranky kids. Just plop them inside, grab the handle, and off you go. But trying to choose the best one (there are tons of Radio Flyer wagons alone!) is a big decision in itself. What features do you want? What color? What kind of wheels? Suddenly it feels like you’re buying a new car, not a tiny wagon for 3 kids…

That’s where we come in. Below are the best wagons for kids (including the best baby wagons) based on parent reviews and ratings on Amazon. From the most basic steel wagon to the most over-the-top stroller wagon hybrid, these are the rides that both you and your kid will enjoy.

Little Tikes Deluxe Ride and Relax Wagon with Umbrella

A beach cabana, but make it for kids—and on wheels. That’s what this snazzy wagon looks like, complete with an attachable umbrella (perfect for hot summer days), a built-in cooler, and seats that can easily be converted into a spacious bench for on-the-go relaxing. Your kids may never want to get out!


Roadmaster Pacific Cycle 34" Steel Wagon

Remember the iconic red Roadmaster wagon of your childhood? Yep, it’s still around and yep, it’s still just as popular as ever. A.k.a. if you don’t have your old one buried in the depths of your garage somewhere, you can buy a sparkling shiny new one from Amazon for less than $100.


Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

Why should your kids have all the fun with the wagon? Answer: They shouldn’t. This multi-purpose wagon can be used for toting everything from your little ones (it can hold up to 150 pounds) to whatever other cargo you need to haul around (gardening supplies! beach toys! beer!). Bonus: When you’re finished, it folds up neatly to just 8 inches thick.


Radio Flyer Folding Wagon with Canopy

Meet the wildly popular wagon that one parent calls “a real winner.” Of all the Radio Flyer wagons, this canopy version has the most reviews—and it’s easy to see why. It has a UV-blocking canopy that can be detached and stored directly on the wagon, removable rails, customizable seating (it can be a bench seat or individual chairs), and a foldable design so you can easily toss it in the car when you head to the park.


Little Tikes Princess Horse & Carriage

Your child might not be a real princess but they can at least ride around like one with this magical horse-drawn carriage. You can pull the wagon via the horse’s reins, push it using the handle on the top, or even remove the floorboards so that your little one can “drive” themselves around.


Step2 Wagon for Two Plus

Climbing into a wagon? Oh please, that’s for peasants. This ride has a latching door so your child can step into it in style—and then take a seat on one of the built-in chairs with plenty of leg room (no sitting cross-legged on the floor here!). The wagon also has built-in drain holes so you can rest easy when the inevitable spill occurs.


Hauck Eco Wagon

You get enough of an arm workout every morning that you drag your butt to the gym—you don’t need one from pulling your child’s wagon, too. Fortunately, parents say this covered wagon is super lightweight, making it a breeze to pull around (even uphill!). Plus, it has big rubber wheels that can cross any terrain and make it easy to steer.


Radio Flyer All-Terrain Steel and Wood Wagon

Don’t be fooled by its appearance—this classic wood and steel wagon is anything but basic. Not only does it have air tires for all-terrain riding but it also has a controlled turning radius to prevent the wagon from easily tipping over. Plus, thousands of reviewers rave that it’s incredibly simple to assemble (and store!).


Step2 Whisper Ride Touring Wagon

Those of us who live for extra features (you know who you are), this wagon is for you. First, it has sides that can be removed to turn your wagon into a flat hauling bed. But even more than that, it has plenty of fun add-ons for your kids—like collapsible snack trays and cupholders, elevated seats, seatbelts, and a canopy to keep the sun out of their eyes.


John Deere Steel Stake Wagon

You love John Deere—and now your kid can, too. The popular brand released this wagon, which appears to be as heavy-duty as the beloved John Deere tractors. It has a wide, steel base that’s designed to turn and ride without tipping over along with thick rubber tires and an easy-to-maneuver handle. Another thoughtful touch? All of the corners and edges inside are rounded so your child doesn’t get poked.


WonderFold Baby Multi-Function Four Passenger Wagon

There are wagons and there are strollers—and then there are wagon-stroller hybrids, which is exactly what this ride is. The two seats, which both have 5-point harnesses, can be removed to turn it into a flat-bottom wagon, complete with a slidable canopy and storage pockets. It also has heavy-duty tires and a rear step brake, so you can control your pushing and pulling with ease.


Radio Flyer All-Terrain Pathfinder Wagon

Off-roading in a wagon is made possible (and even encouraged) with this rugged pick. Its all-terrain air tires can smoothly conquer any dirt, gravel, or rocky path while its seatbelts will keep your child safe and secure inside. People also love how versatile it is—the seats can fold down flat for maximum hauling capacity.


Veer Cruiser Stroller Wagon Hybrid

Your child will be the envy of all of their peers when they roll up in this bougee wagon. While it’s pricer than most, reviewers say this fancy ride is well worth it. Part stroller, part wagon, it has super comfy seats that are vented and contoured and have three-point harnesses along with an expandable footwell for more leg room. And for mom, it has a lockable handle so you can push or pull it around and it can even be adapted to hold an infant car seat.


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